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10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection

10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection

At this point of time we are in the most advanced phase of mankind and with every passing year we are only growing in terms of technological advancements. From the Moon to Mars, everything is under our radar but sadly in the excitement of exploring we forgot our very own home. As individuals we are growing but our environment and ecosystem is only depreciating. We need to stop the ongoing trends and change our careless behavior towards environment & nature. So, here are 10 lifestyle changes for environment protection you should practice.

Try planting at least one tree

Trees are the backbone of our ecosystem and environment. However, for ages we have neglected the importance of trees and have chopped down countless forests for our needs. Modernization and the Industrial revolution worked as fuel in fastening the process of deforestation. Now it’s our turn to pay back. Even if we can’t do a lot, at least we can plant a tree and contribute to the mission of protecting our environment.

Switch off appliances when not in use

Some people think that paying electric bills gives them a right to waste energy as they are paying for it. But one must understand that even if you pay for electricity you don’t have the right to waste it. As most of the electricity is still produced from non renewable energy sources. Most renewable resources are also extracted with the help of non renewable resources. That’s the reason that even the so-called renewable sources of energy are kind of partially renewable sources of energy. A simple but effective way by which every individual can save energy, is to switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use.

10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection
10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection

Try using more of public transport or carpool

Cars and motorbikes too contribute a lot to pollution. In today’s time almost every person has a car which is causing a lot of trouble especially in metropolitan cities like NYC, Bengaluru, London, Mumbai, Delhi and Rio de Janeiro. Currently all the big cities of the world are facing traffic issues. Which is causing pollution and health issues. One simple and effective way of minimizing the load on the roads is the use of public transports like buses, trains and subways. Another good option especially for solo office travelers is carpooling. Carpools can drastically decrease the number of cars on the roads.

Fix all the leaking taps

Leaking taps is a common site in every household, office or public place. People generally tend to ignore the issue as a normal thing and don’t even consider it a problem. However, these droplets of water contribute to a huge portion of fresh water when seen from a large or global perspective. We can’t do much about offices or public places but we can at least fix all the leaking taps of our homes. These droplets of water are very precious, preserve them.

Carry a reusable bag while shopping

Carrying a reusable bag while shopping can save both your pocketband environment. Nowadays at most places people get charged for getting a carry bag. While many local vendors still continue to sell stuff in plastic bags. These plastic bags are one of the most dangerous items for the environment as they don’t decompose for ages. You can just solve all the problems and headaches just by carrying a reusable bag with you while shopping.

10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection
10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection

Walk or cycle to close destinations

You should avoid talking about your car or motorbike even for a couple of kilometers. Whenever you are visiting some nearby destination, you should pick up your bicycle or take a walk to reach your destination. This will also save you from traffic and parking issues. And most importantly walking and cycling are considered one of the most effective and safest exercises for an individual. Walking or cycling to close destinations is pocket, health and environment friendly in nature. 

Don’t shy away from using second hand stuff

We often shy away from using second hand stuff. But using second hand stuff can be very beneficial for our environment. It is also a pocket friendly activity as it will save a big portion of money. Things like secondhand books, goods if not used end up in a dumping yard where just a small portion of it is recycled. Reusing things and buying second hand stuff is also a nice way to protect the environment.

Say no to plastic bottles

In the name of convenience we tend to buy packaged plastic water. But never understand that the regular disposal of these plastic bottles can seriously hamper the environment. You shall always try to carry your own bottle of water. And avoid using plastic bottles at home or while traveling. As consuming water from plastic bottles can have bad health impacts on you in the long run. Use alternatives like stainless steel and glass bottles in place of plastic bottles.

10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection
10 Lifestyle Changes for Environment Protection

Don’t buy useless products or clothes

For the sake of fashion we tend to buy tons and tons of useless products and clothes. These items are barely used by us and end up in the garbage bag and dumping yards. Most of these products are non or partially recyclable in nature. So, it’s better that you only buy things that are useful to you. Or at least try to minimize your non essential purchases.

Use a bucket instead of a shower

Who doesn’t like taking a cold or warm shower in the comfort of your home. But your 5 to 7 minute shower on an average wastes 100’s of liter water at one go. To avoid this wastage of water you should switch to a bucket instead of a shower. Using a bucket for bathing will drastically decrease the use of water and save a lot if pernicious water.

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