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10 most underrated superheroes of all time

10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time

As heroes continue to vanquish the forces of evil and their rivals at the movie office, an increasing number of Marvel and DC comic characters are having their opportunity to excel on the big screen. The most well-known heroes in the world are taken care of by the Avengers and Justice League, but what about the figures who are equally strong, well-liked, or significant, yet far less well-known? If the studios realize where to search, some of the greatest comic book tales are still to be written. Here is our list of the top 10 most underrated superheroes of all time.

Martian Manhunter

10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time - Martian Manhunter
10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time – Martian Manhunter

Comic book readers have heard the tale of an alien superpower marooned on Earth countless times. But it’s evident that Martian Manhunter deserves more than a supporting role when Superman calls him “the most formidable being on the face of the Earth.” The details of how J’onn J’onzz, the last Green Martian still alive, ended up on Earth have changed throughout time, but the crucial details have not: J’onn lost his wife and children, ended up on Earth, and made the decision to assist people who couldn’t assist themselves.

He is also among the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, with abilities including flying, reading minds, phasing through things, turning invisible, changing his form and density, and even growing new hands. Manhunter undoubtedly became a mainstay of the animated Justice League, but in our opinion, Bruce Wayne’s admission that J’onn is essentially a hybrid of Batman and Superman makes it clear that leaving him out of the DC film universe would be a grave error.

Captain Comet

Captain Comet
Captain Comet

The Green Lantern Corps and Darkseid may rule the cosmic part of the DC Universe, but Captain Comet stands out among the supporting characters in the vibrant reaches of space. Adam Blake was among the original mutant heroes, debuting more than ten years before Marvel’s X-Men, and was created in the comic book Golden and Silver Ages. Born with superhuman powers, psychic abilities, and telekinetic abilities, Blake adopted the alias “Comet” to battle criminals before traveling the globe.

In the 2006 series ‘Mystery in Space’, Comet made a triumphant return to the DC Universe. In it, the protagonist investigated the circumstances surrounding his own resurrected life on the intergalactic Hardcore Station, a haven for crooks and drifters. Without having to fight with the biggest cosmic villains in the universe, this space-based hero may help DC rival Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or perhaps the return of Star Wars.

Moon Knight

10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time - Moon Knight
10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time – Moon Knight

Marvel’s otherworldly Moon Knight is everything but what some people might dismiss as a Batman knockoff. A run-in with precious antiquities leaves professional boxer and former US Marine Marc Spector dead in front of a monument of Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God when he finds himself serving as a mercenary in the dunes of Egypt. Marc accepts the Moon god’s offer to serve as his actual Avatar in exchange for the Moon god giving him extraordinary strength based on the Moon’s phases.

But since the gift breaks Marc’s personality into bits, he becomes even more of a wild card in the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man in the Civil War. It’s not just about pursuing criminals, either. The truth is that not even Taskmaster, a terrible imitator of the Marvel universe, will fight like the Moon Knight. Why? He prefers to take punches rather than block them because he views each blow as atonement for the suffering he inflicted in his prior life.



The hero Darkhawk may no longer be as revolutionary in the present era of unmanned planes and military drones. Nevertheless, the tale of a young man who discovers a mystic amulet and uses it to control an android from another dimension is ripe for the big screen. Chris Powell, a young man, may not have the same fame as Tony Stark, but his armor is much more potent, even when he’s not actually using it in war. A Darkhawk presence in the MCU could be an unexpected but possibly fantastic turn of events if Marvel intends to push their technology, alien plotting, and cosmic narrative lines while attracting younger fans with Spider-Man.

Beta Ray Bill

10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time - Beta Ray Bill
10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time – Beta Ray Bill

The Avengers are capable of some devastating blows, however only one of them possesses divine power. Thor was therefore more than shocked to discover a being aboard the alien spacecraft that could equal him blow for blow when he initially stumbled across it traveling toward Earth. The extraterrestrial was none other than Beta Ray Bill, one of the very last of the Korbinite race, who had been put into a body that resembled a horse-like creature from his home planet.

After seizing Thor’s hammer for himself, the two came to admire one another as brave warriors, and Odin gave Bill his very own hammer. A popular favorite and effective weapon in Marvel’s cosmic warfare, the horse-faced warrior even began a romance with Lady Sif. For comic book lovers, it would be a dream come true if Chris Hemsworth decided to give up his superhero persona any time soon or started interacting with Marvel’s alien cultures.

Union Jack

Union Jack
Union Jack

You need not possess a superpower to be a successful fighter in the struggle between evil and good in the Marvel cinematic world. There is, however, no better time than the present to include a European operative, even better, one who battles mystical as well as terrorist threats, as the studio’s preparations advance. Three men from affluent British aristocrats battling in costume during World War I and II to a commoner who was fortunate enough to don the fabled attire, have adopted the term, Union Jack.

Even though Jack isn’t a supersoldier, he might easily become a member of SHIELD’s finest agents. The hero is the ideal choice for Marvel to use if they want to venture into the world of supernatural horror due to his extensive experience with vampires and the occult.


10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time - Nightwing
10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time – Nightwing

Ask any comic book reader, and they’ll tell you that Dick Grayson is more than just Batman’s sidekick. Dick spent his time learning a variety of martial arts and languages while working under Batman’s tutelage as Robin the Boy Wonder. However, he was meant for greater things, and before determining a new name was necessary for his solo career, he rose to become the Teen Titans’ leader. As he recalled Superman’s tales of the Kryptonian vigilante Nightwing, Dick turned his attention to Bludhaven, a town in need of a guardian in the same way that Batman had kept watch over Gotham.

Dick was effective, but it wasn’t only because of his combat abilities. Grayson, a brand-new comic book series that debuted when DC’s New 52 revealed Grayson to the world as a covert agent, was persuaded to fake his own demise by Batman. Given that Batman has been battling crime for decades in Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie universe, we have to assume that Dick Grayson has a role to play, if not as a masked vigilante then as a hidden agent gathering intelligence for the Dark Knight.

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate must be the one superhero whose absence on the big screen is truly criminal. The moniker, which has been passed down to a dozen people throughout DC’s history and several parallel Earths, is more likely to allude to the hero’s helmet than to the person wearing it. The original Fate was discovered in the tomb of the old god Nabu the Wise, who taught him magic and gave him his famous helmet along with a golden cape and outfit to wear.

The Helmet of Fate, which grants the user not just magical powers but also superhuman abilities, flight, and invincibility, has played a significant role in too many narratives to count. Every comic book fan will undoubtedly have a favorite version, but given how well-liked the hero is in comic books, animated series, as well as the TV show Smallville, the lack of a significant movie part is something that DC’s supernatural-focused films will hopefully address.


10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time - Zatanna
10 Most Underrated Superheroes of All Time – Zatanna

Although the Justice League includes an extra-terrestrial with superpowers, an Amazonian demigod, and a super-spy, they all have Magic as a weakness. And Zatanna Zatara is a formidable opponent when it comes to sorcerers. Zatanna has even tried to spell out spells using her own blood when sufficiently injured to render normal magicians helpless in the battle versus DC’s fiercest villains, now that’s devotion to Zatanna’s strength, involvement with the League, and relationship with John Constantine make her an obvious choice for a leading part in the Warner Bros. movie universe, which will incorporate magic.

The Question

The Question
The Question

Prior to receiving a tip from a trusted friend, Vic Sage was leading the life of any famous reporter. Sage uses the device to cover his own face and ambush the perpetrators of the illegal selling of artificial skin. He adopts a new name: The Question, realizing that concealing his well-known visage will enable him to discover crimes and stop them on his own. The public is used to seeing masked vigilantes, so a DC superhero who loves journalism and hunts down criminals for information rather than “justice” would be a nice change. The Question is too singular a hero to pass up, blurring the line between regular updates and a supernatural terror, with the viewers in on the joke.

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