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10 Most Evil Versions of Superman

10 Most Evil Versions of Superman

10 Most Evil Versions of Superman: The best superhero in comic books is Superman. He is a brilliant example of heroism and the model for all heroes that came after him. Comic book readers do, however, have a fondness for villainous versions of heroes like Superman. Over the years, various publishers have added their twist to the theme by inventing characters that are blatantly modeled on the Man of Steel and turning them evil, in addition to DC creating several notable evil alternate Supermen. Countless innocent people have been killed by these terrible Supermans, who also dominated their superhero towns with an iron fist and maintained oppressive regimes. This recurring pattern demonstrates that sometimes the strongest heroes are indeed the ones who ought to be least trusted.


10 Most Evil Versions of Superman - Superboy-Prime
10 Most Evil Versions of Superman – Superboy-Prime

Superboy from Earth-Prime was once a hero. He eventually joined other Alexander Luthor and Supermen in a “Paradise Dimension,” though, after joining the multiversal fight to defeat the Anti-Monitor. He could observe time passing outside of his realm but things inside it stayed unchanged from there. Superboy-Prime became so enraged by this that he blasted through reality and entered his present-day continuity. He built solar-powered armor modeled after the Anti- Monitor’s, and he then tried to create the ideal society by committing mass murder.

Prime was much stronger than figures from the current continuity and could easily assassinate the majority of the local heroes. When he joined the Sinestro Corps and his plot culminated in the second death of the Anti-Monitor. Superboy-Prime, a Superman who destroys entire worlds for the sake of utopia, is unquestionably the worst of the bunch.

King Hyperion

King Hyperion
King Hyperion

The first Superman imitation in Marvel was Hyperion. The character has appeared in many different iterations, and each one has been incredibly strong. They have generally displayed courage. However, one demonstrated that Hyperion’s role as an antagonist is the most terrifying thing possible. As his realm gradually came under his control, King Hyperion utilized his enormous power to eliminate every hero who stood in his way.

King Hyperion was practically untouchable in his universe thanks to his power. In due course, he bled torrents of blood. It needed heroes from different universes to defeat him. Although King Hyperion showed his potential for danger, Hyperion has always had enormous power.


10 Most Evil Versions of Superman - Superdoom
10 Most Evil Versions of Superman – Superdoom

Superdoom is more than merely a combination of Doomsday and Superman. He’s a bad concept. Researchers Jimmy Olsen and Louis Lane from Earth-45 used mad science to create a tulpa or living mind. It was dubbed “Superman,” a plan to save the world. But the business altered the design when it decided to sell its technology to Overcorp. The ensuing “killer franchise” seized control of his planet before invading other realities to eliminate the rivalry that other Supermen stood for.

Until he met Earth-23’s President Superman, who took inspiration from Barack Obama, he had slain his counterpart on numerous worlds. Even the white nationalist Lex Luthor from that planet joined Calvin Ellis in getting stranded in Superdoom in space between universes because of the beast’s overwhelming evil aura.

Hank Henshaw

Hank Henshaw
10 Most Evil Versions of Superman – Hank Henshaw

Hank Henshaw, the impostor dressed as a Terminator, is another deadly Superman. Henshaw, a well-known bad guy, took advantage of the appearance of Doomsday and Superman’s mutual destruction. When he and Mongol wrecked Coast City, he used his power to corrupt machinery with his consciousness to create a Kryptonian/cyborg form out of the DNA of the Man of Steel and attempted to tarnish Superman’s reputation through petty Armageddon.

Although the so-called Man of Tomorrow was ultimately destroyed and debunked by the real Superman and his allies, he has proven to be a tough adversary. He even enlisted in the Sinestro Corps with Superboy-Prime, which turned out horribly for him when Primey employed him as a weapon versus the Anti-Monitor.

Injustice Superman

10 Most Evil Versions of Superman - Injustice Superman
10 Most Evil Versions of Superman – Injustice Superman

Although Injustice is a video game advertisement, it does give a villainous Superman. The Joker sadistically gases Superman into killing Lois Lane in a plot that combines elements from various comic book stories and the Justice League animated two-parter ’A Better World’.

In response, Superman pierces the clown’s chest with his open palm and establishes a totalitarian police state throughout the entire world. In the meantime, he doxxes Batman, kills Martian Manhunter and Shazam, turns the Justice League into his own secret police, and receives a boot in the behind from Alfred Pennyworth. Finally, he is put into a Red Sunlight-generating capsule by a still-good Superman from some other universe.



Everyone desires to suffer for Homelander. Homelander is unquestionably the most despised wicked Superman, whether in the comics or on television. He’s just a morally repugnant individual in every medium he’s featured in. He is a superpowered hideous child that demands everyone’s attention and adoration. He will participate in any bad deed.

Homelander has not destroyed entire worlds or killed millions of people, but he has nevertheless committed acts that make him eviler than many villainous Supermen. Homelander manipulates people’s minds and uses terror to keep them in line in addition to killing them.


10 Most Evil Versions of Superman - Ultraman
10 Most Evil Versions of Superman – Ultraman

King Hyperion shares several characteristics with Superman’s evil counterpart from Earth-3. He is a harsh tyrant who brutally governs the Crime Syndicate, his JLA. The 1964-era persona has undergone numerous changes. He was initially an alien who acquired his abilities through Kryptonite, although he has also been pictured as an astronaut of Earth who acquired them from aliens.

Ultraman is the ideal illustration of a person with all the power who is unhappy because he is caught in a poisonous love triangle with Batman-analog Owlman, Superwoman, and his Earth’s Lois Lane.  Ultraman, who is from another Earth where evil always triumphs, is constantly hunting for new things to conquer, punish, or both.

Red Son Superman

Red Son Superman
Red Son Superman

The main character of Superman: Red Son is a Superman who was nurtured by Josef Stalin. The USSR was taken over by Superman after Stalin’s death, who continued the Cold War with the US. At first, his rule was a communist utopia that was superior to Stalin’s for the average person, but it didn’t last. He continued to support policies that led to the brainwashing and imprisonment of millions of people over time.

Despite having a good heart, Superman’s time as Premiere brought a great deal of pain. His power made it all feasible, even if he rarely did get his hands dirty himself. He faked his death to put a stop to his dictatorship because it turned out to be just as awful as Stalin’s.


10 Most Evil Versions of Superman - Bizarro
10 Most Evil Versions of Superman – Bizarro

Bizarro, the first notable “bad” Superman, debuted in 1958. He’s not always portrayed as being malevolent. He’s frequently portrayed as being perplexed, mad, or just plain ignorant as Superman’s “imperfect clone.” The worldview, logic, and morals of Bizarro are all upside down. He continues to cause significant harm in spite of this. He occasionally saves people ineffectively, putting lives in peril or even taking them by trying to be like Superman.

Additionally, he is easily duped and can be convinced to kill someone by simply referring to them as his “best buddy. Rarely are characters totally good or wicked. Bizarro is at the very least a chaos agent, and occasionally he is just a murderer.



With Omni-Man, Invincible tapped into clichés about the wicked Superman. Clearly modeled after Superman, the Viltrumite hero also held a dark secret. For years, Omni-Man carried out the right things: he fought against evil, oversaw the society of heroes, and even had a child. Everything was done to offer people a fictitious sense of security. By telling his kid the truth about his genuine motivation for being on Earth, to lead the Viltrumite invasion, he would show his true colors.

Overnight, Omni-Man transformed from the world’s greatest superhero to its most terrifying adversary. His vicious assault on his son revealed his true allegiances. Even while Omni-Man has shown how lethal Superman could be under other circumstances, he would eventually turn against his people.

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