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10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man

10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a beloved superhero known for his heroic deeds and unwavering sense of justice. However, the multiverse is filled with alternate versions of our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger, and not all of them uphold the same moral code. In this blog, we will delve into the twisted tales of 10 most evil versions of Spider-Man. From the unhinged Spider-Carnage to the bloodthirsty Patton Parnel, these malevolent versions will send shivers down your spine. Join us as we explore the story behind their evil characters and unravel what went wrong in their lives.


10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man - Spider-Carnage
10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man – Spider-Carnage

Spider-Carnage wields immense power, combining the abilities of Spider-Man and Carnage. He possesses enhanced strength, agility, speed, and the ability to stick to walls, much like Spider-Man. In addition, he harnesses the symbiote’s shape-shifting abilities, allowing him to transform his body into various weapons and tendrils.

What makes Spider-Carnage especially dangerous is his instability and his insidious agenda. Driven to madness by the merging of two conflicting personalities, he seeks to unleash chaos and destruction.

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man
Superior Spider-Man

In this version, Doctor Octopus switches bodies with Peter Parker and takes on the mantle of Spider-Man. Under the alias of the Superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius aims to be a superior and more efficient hero compared to Peter Parker.

However, instead of using his powers responsibly, he succumbs to his selfish desires and cruel tendencies. The Superior Spider-Man manipulates and harms those around him, exploiting his newfound heroics for personal gain.

Zombie Spider-Man

10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man - Zombie Spider-Man
10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man – Zombie Spider-Man

Zombie Spider-Man, also known as “Undead Spider-Man,” is a fictional character that exists within the Marvel Zombies universe. This alternate reality, depicted in a series of comic books, explores a world in which superheroes and villains have been transformed into flesh-eating zombies.

In the Marvel Zombies storyline, a virus originating from an alternate dimension infects many of Earth’s superheroes, including Spider-Man. The infected heroes become flesh-craving zombies while still retaining their powers and abilities.



In the alternate reality known as Earth-44145, an intriguing twist occurred, diverging from the traditional Spider-Man narrative. In this reality, Norman Osborn, known for his villainous alter ego as the Green Goblin, underwent a remarkable transformation, granting him extraordinary spider-based abilities. Embracing his newfound powers, Norman assumed the mantle of Spider-Man. However, he retains his villainous nature and uses his new developed powers to further his criminal activities.


10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man - Spiders-Man
10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man – Spiders-Man

Spiders-Man is a version of Spider-Man created by merging Peter Parker with hundreds of spiders. Spiders-Man, formed by a hungry swarm of spiders, posed a danger to other Spider-Men in the Spider-Geddon event. He dispersed his spiders across the multiverse and aided an evil counterpart in destroying the Web of Life and Destiny. With a twisted appearance and insatiable hunger for victims, Spiders-Man strikes fear into the hearts of all who encounter him.



In the alternate reality of Earth-5701, a unique and evil version of Peter Parker existed within the redesigned Age of Apocalypse timeline, closely associated with the X-Men. In this reality, Peter Parker was selected by the powerful mutant Apocalypse to serve as one of his four horsemen, taking on the mantle of Pestilence.

As Pestilence, Peter Parker underwent a transformative process, developing six arms and gaining venomous fangs. These additional limbs and lethal capabilities augmented his already formidable spider-based abilities, making him a formidable adversary.

Pestilence joined forces with other horsemen, including Famine and Archangel, as they embarked on a mission that involved a confrontation with Deadpool, Cannonball, and Siryn from Earth-616. Their objective was to locate the missing Cable across the vast expanse of the multiverse.

Dark Spider-Man

10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man - Dark Spider-Man
10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man – Dark Spider-Man

Dark Spider-Man is an evil version of Peter Parker from an alternate reality where he succumbs to the dark side of his powers. Using his abilities for personal gain, this version of Spider-Man causes destruction and chaos, heedless of the consequences. Dark Spider-Man’s descent into darkness serves as a chilling reminder of the fragile line between heroism and villainy.



Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker, embarked on his heroic journey under the alias of Scarlet Spider. Throughout his crime-fighting career, he occasionally assumed the mantle of Spider-Man, stepping in to protect New York City in Peter’s absence. However, Ben’s life was burdened by the complex repercussions of his cloning process, which took a toll on his mental well-being.

Following his initial death, Ben Reilly returned and experienced a significant transformation. He briefly took on the persona of the villainous Jackal, adopting a darker path as he grappled with his identity and purpose. However, he eventually found redemption and resumed his role as a heroic Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, Ben’s troubles were far from over. His memories were erased, and his physical form underwent a profound change, leading to his transformation into the sinister and enigmatic character known as Chasm.

Darkhold Spider-Man

10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man - Darkhold Spider-Man
10 Most Evil Versions Of Spider-Man – Darkhold Spider-Man

As Darkhold Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s appearance changes significantly. He takes on a more sinister and demonic appearance, with glowing red eyes and a twisted, distorted costume. His powers become amplified, and he gains additional dark abilities granted by the Darkhold.

The story of Darkhold Spider-Man explores the corruption and moral struggles faced by Peter Parker when exposed to the powerful and corrupting influence of the Darkhold. It showcases the dangers of tampering with dark magic and the consequences of succumbing to its temptations.

Patton Parnel

Patton Parnel
Patton Parnel

Driven by a desperate desire to impress his alluring neighbor, Patton (Earth-51412) was bitten by spider that granted him his powers. However, the venom coursing through his veins twisted and corrupted him, transforming him into a grotesque creature of terror. The innocence of his former self was consumed by the insidious darkness that lurked within.

Haunted by a past filled with abuse and cruelty, Patton sought vengeance upon his abusive Uncle Ted, who had inflicted untold suffering upon him. The lines between man and beast blurred as Patton unleashed his newfound monstrous form upon his tormentor, exacting a savage retribution.

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