DC Comics is one of the most iconic and influential publishers in the world of comics, known for creating some of the most beloved and enduring characters in the medium, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The company has been in operation for over 80 years, and during that time it has produced a wealth of comic book series that have stood the test of time. From gritty, realistic takes on established characters to mind-bending fantasy and science fiction, DC has something for every comics reader. Here are 10 best comic book series of DC comics, covering a wide range of genres and styles. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the publisher or just looking to explore the world of DC Comics for the first time, this list is sure to have something to interest you.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

“Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller is widely considered one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. Published in 1986, this four-issue limited series reimagines Batman as an aging, brooding vigilante in a dystopian future Gotham City. The series is set in a future where Batman has retired for a decade, and crime is out of control. With the help of a new Robin, the teenage Carrie Kelley, he returns to fight against the city’s criminal element, including Two-Face and the Joker.

The highlight of the series is the epic final battle between Batman and Superman, which takes place after Superman is ordered by the government to bring down Batman. This fight serves as a commentary on their characters, as Superman represents the establishment and Batman represents the rebellion. Miller’s writing and Klaus Janson’s art, gives Batman a dark and gritty look, making this series a fan-favorite even today. It has been adapted several times into other media, like Animated movies, video games, and also influenced other Batman stories like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight trilogy.


10 best comic book series of DC comics – Watchmen

“Watchmen” is a 12-issue limited series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, originally published by DC Comics in 1986 and 1987. The series is widely considered a landmark in the comics medium and a masterpiece of graphic storytelling. The story is set in an alternative history in the year 1985 where the presence of costumed vigilantes has changed the course of history, leading to the United States winning the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal being covered up.

The series follows a group of former costumed crime fighters, and the mysterious murder of one of their own, the Comedian. The investigation of his death leads to a larger conspiracy involving a plot to kill and discredit all superheroes, past and present, to prevent an impending war between the United States and the Soviet Union. It is notable for its complex narrative structure, which interweaves the main story with Tales of the Black Freighter, a pirate comic within a comic, and the narrative of the fictional book “Under the Hood” which details the Minutemen, the first generation of costumed vigilantes active in the 1940s.

The Sandman

10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics - The Sandman
10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics – The Sandman

“The Sandman” is a critically acclaimed 75-issue comic book series written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by a team of artists, published by DC Comics under its Vertigo imprint. The series is an epic fantasy that explores mythology, literature, and contemporary culture, following the journey of Morpheus, the personification of dreams, and one of the seven powerful and immortal Endless, as he goes on a journey of redemption and self-discovery, interacting with various historical and fictional characters. It explores themes of power, responsibility, sacrifice, and the nature of storytelling.

Sandman is known for its imaginative storytelling, literary and mythological references, and complex characters. Gaiman’s writing and the artwork of the illustrators have been widely praised for creating an immersive fantasy world that has captivated readers for decades, and the series is considered one of the most significant works in the modern comic book medium.

Wonder Woman: The Circle

Wonder Woman: The Circle
Wonder Woman: The Circle

This is a comic book storyline written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Terry Dodson, focusing on Wonder Woman’s origin and role in the world. The story, which ran in issues #14 to #19 in 2008, starts with Diana, the princess of Themyscira, receiving a visit from a man claiming to be her brother, revealing a hidden truth about her past and role. Simone delves into Wonder Woman’s origin, her connection to the Amazons, and their role in ancient times, also exploring themes of identity, power and family as Diana struggles to understand her true identity and responsibilities.

The story also features appearances from other characters in the DC universe, like Batman and Superman, adding to the complexity of the plot. It received positive reviews for Simone’s writing and Dodson’s artwork, it’s seen as a fan-favorite and a great starting point for new readers to understand the character of Wonder Woman.

Superman: Red Son

10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics - Superman: Red Son
10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics – Superman: Red Son

“Superman: Red Son” is a limited comic series from 2003 written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Dave Johnson, Killian Plunkett, and Andrew Robinson, published by DC Comics. It presents an alternate history where Superman’s rocket landed in the Soviet Union instead of the United States, leading him to grow up as the champion of the Soviet Union and a symbol of the state. The story explores the idea of Superman with communist values and beliefs and how it would shape him differently from the Superman we know.

It also features a cast of characters from Superman mythology and the DC universe, such as Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, all reimagined in the context of the Cold War. The series received praise for its writing, artwork and its unique take on the character of Superman.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night

10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics - Green Lantern: Blackest Night
10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics – Green Lantern: Blackest Night

“Green Lantern: Blackest Night” is a 2009-2010 comic event series by DC Comics, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by various artists. The story centers on the Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force that harnesses emotional energy, and their fight against the Black Lantern Corps, an ancient evil force determined to bring death and destruction to the universe. The story starts with the resurrection of several deceased DC characters as undead Black Lanterns who attack the heroes of the DC universe. The Green Lantern Corps and the other Lantern Corps, each powered by different emotions, must unite to defeat the Black Lanterns and their leader, Nekron, the Lord of the Unliving.

Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One
10 best comic book series of DC comics – Batman: Year One

“Batman: Year One” is a seminal 1987 comic series by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, published by DC Comics. It’s a four-issue limited series that tells the origin story of Batman, focusing on his first year as a vigilante in Gotham City. The story covers Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman, his early battles against criminals, and his dynamic with Commissioner Gordon, who also new to Gotham and fighting corruption within the police department.

Gotham City is portrayed in the series as corrupt and gritty, as well as new discoveries in the character of Batman. This is definitive Batman story, it has also influenced various other media. It’s a must-read for Batman fans, readers interested in iconic character origins, and as an entry point for new readers of the character.

The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen

10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics - The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen
10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics – The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen

In “The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen” story arc, Barry Allen, the original Flash thought to have died in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” makes a comeback. This creates a divide between him and current Flash, Wally West and the rest of the Flash family, as they try to adjust to this unexpected return. The story arc delves into themes of legacy, family, and sacrifice as the characters come to grips with their new reality.

Characters from the DC universe like Batman, Superman and the Justice League make appearances and the arc also references previous Flash stories and events from the DC universe. The story arc is famous for character development and its handling of the emotional aspect of the characters. It’s considered as one of the best story arc in the Flash series and a must-read for fans of the character and readers interested in emotional comics centered around families.

The Authority

The Authority
10 best comic book series of DC comics – The Authority

“The Authority” is a comic book series first published by DC Comics under its Wildstorm imprint in 1999, created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. The series is set in a world where a group of superhumans, called “The Authority”, have taken it upon themselves to protect the Earth from all threats using extreme and often violent methods. Led by Jenny Sparks, the team includes Apollo, The Midnighter, Engineer and more, each with their own unique superhuman abilities. The Authority faces various threats from both superhuman villains and those from governments and organizations that oppose their methods.

It is recognized for its over-the-top action, dark humor, and political commentary, exploring themes of superheroes as gods, power and responsibility. It’s considered as one of the most influential and groundbreaking series in the comic book industry and has several spin-offs, it’s considered a must-read for fans of the genre and readers interested in mature and realistic superhero storytelling.

Batman: Hush

10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics - Batman: Hush
10 Best Comic Book Series of DC Comics – Batman: Hush

“Batman: Hush” by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, is a storyline from the Batman series published in 2002-2003, that centers around the mystery of the villain Hush, who seemingly has a personal vendetta against Batman and is orchestrating a series of attacks on Batman’s allies and loved ones. The story features a large cast of Batman’s foes and allies, including Catwoman, Superman, and the Riddler.

The story is known for its intense action and for its exploration of Batman’s relationships and the emotional toll that his war on crime takes on him. It was widely praised for its pacing, art, and the way it brought together characters and elements from across the Batman mythos. It is considered a must-read for fans of Batman and readers interested in comics with thrilling crime stories and intense character development.

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