You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes is the third novel in “You” series. Joe Goldberg is back, and he’s starting over. This time around, he’s resolved to be a decent person. All Joe had at any point needed was to love and be loved in return. Previously, he also killed for it. No more, however. Moving to Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest, he meets Mary Kay DiMarco a librarian. The love he feels for her is true, and stronger than anything he’s felt previously. He believes she feels something similar. Not being obstructed by her hesitation to be with him, he promises to be patient, understanding, and obviously not a killer – three things he’s never been good at. However, when Mary Kay’s family and friends get in the way of his future with her. What will he do? Will Joe get back to his old, lethal ways?

You Love Me By Caroline Kepnes
You Love Me By Caroline Kepnes

Compelling, exciting, and darkly entertaining, I was unable to put it down. Every bit a similar high octane, Joe roller coaster as the initial two books. I hustled through the pages, at the same time devouring and appreciating each word. Joe Goldberg may be attempting to make a fresh start. However, he is still the same disturbed, enchanting person who hooked me back when Beck was alive (in “You”).

Written as Joe’s point of view, “You Love Me” brings you into Joe’s freaky thoughts and obsessive heart. As he begins his new life pursuing Mary Kay. Joe is a maniac and a killer. But, the manner in which Caroline Kepnes written this novel additionally makes him very human. Maybe in any event, engaging and sympathetic. All Joe needs is to love and be loved. However, if people don’t continue to hinder him. Caroline Kepnes is completely splendid in the manner she writes. While perusing “You Love Me”, I really surmised that Joe may have to murder again to be with Mary Kay. Maybe I even rooted for him a bit.

Brimming with tension and suspense, You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes is an easy and pleasant read. Mainly due to the manner in which it’s written. 400 pages fly by quicker than most books. It’s the ideal book to read if you like suspense full, quick moving spine chillers that catch you by your attention span. It’s the ideal book to read if you love “You” previous two books. The lone disadvantage is that, when you finish, you’ll be left to stand by again for the following book in the series.

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