With the exception of the selected few authors who achieve success with a bestseller or an award-winning film, most people do not view writing as a viable professional choice. And many individuals believe they have to decide between their love of writing and secure, lucrative employment due to the reputation of the starving artist. But in reality, there are many well-paying positions that focus on writing; you simply need to know where to look. Here are 9 writing jobs for people who love writing.


A piece of writing must be edited from conception to publishing. Depending on the kind of writing they are editing and the writer they are working with, this might entail refining the thesis, framing, and structure; verifying the facts are correct and the sources are reliable; offering suggestions for how to improve the writing such as pointing out inconsistencies in voice or tone, removing superfluous sentences or paragraphs, and fixing grammar and spelling errors.

Editors can work for a range of organizations, including brands where they might edit the company’s website or other content, media firms, magazines, newspapers, and book publishers. Editors must have a thorough understanding of grammar, style, narrative, and structure, among other writing-related concepts. As a result, the majority of editors are either writers or have degrees in fields linked to writing like English or journalism. As you advance in your career, your income opportunities will grow as an editorial professional.

9 Writing Jobs For People Who Love Writing
9 Writing Jobs For People Who Love Writing

Content Marketing Manager

When it comes to creating and implementing content for a firm, content marketing managers take the lead. Many content marketing managers specialize in producing and managing particular forms of content, such as blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, website content, and social media posts. While some content marketing managers choose a generalist strategy, many others adopt a niche approach.

Although content marketing managers do spend a lot of time producing content (including writing), they also spend a lot of time on strategy, which makes this a wonderful job if you enjoy writing but don’t want to spend all of your time tapping away at a keyboard. Additionally, you’ll get the option to consider the wider picture and determine how content may help an organization achieve its overall mission and goals.

There are opportunities to enter the profession if you’re a strong writer and are familiar with the fundamentals of content marketing. Some businesses want their content marketing managers to have degrees, but many are more interested in a candidate’s abilities to plan, produce, and promote content. Additionally, content marketing managers can advance their careers.

Communications Manager

As one might expect, communications managers are in charge of all company communications, frequently both internal and external. Writing internal guides and resources, managing client- and customer-facing communications such as press releases, press conferences, or other media opportunities, and ensuring that all business communications, internal and external, are in line with the company’s mission and goals are just a few examples of responsibilities. There is a lot of writing and editing required because a communication manager oversees the company’s communication; nevertheless, there are also many strategic responsibilities and possibilities for interaction with co-workers and outside partners, which keeps things fresh.

9 Writing Jobs For People Who Love Writing
9 Writing Jobs For People Who Love Writing

Technical Writer

Technical writers are in charge of creating content for instruction manuals, tutorials, journal articles, and educational resources that converts complicated technical concepts into language that a general audience can read and understand. Any job that involves technical writing mostly involves writing. But in order to be successful in this position, you’ll need more than just writing skills; you’ll also need a solid grasp of technological concepts and the ability to explain those topics in layman’s terms. As a result, technical writers frequently possess a degree in English, communications, journalism, or a related field, as well as knowledge of a variety of fields related to the topics they will be writing about, such as computer science, information technology, scientific research in a particular field, environmental policies, or manufacturing procedures.

Medical Writer

A medical writer, like a technical writer, simplifies exceedingly complicated thoughts and concepts into the easier-to-understand text; the difference is that medical writers are specifically focused on anything related to healthcare. Medical writers can find employment in a range of settings, such as enterprises such as pharmaceutical, medical device, supplement, or start-up firms), medical associations, or healthcare organizations. They might work on a variety of projects kinds, such as training and instructional materials, policy publications, or medical articles. Most medical writers have academic backgrounds in biology or other sciences, and some have experience in the medical profession, as having a solid understanding of science and medicine is essential for success. Having excellent research skills and the capacity to comprehend medical concepts and interpret them for the intended audience may, however, be sufficient for entry into the area, depending on the function.

9 Writing Jobs For People Who Love Writing
9 Writing Jobs For People Who Love Writing

PR Manager

Public relations managers, often known as PR managers, are in charge of enhancing brand recognition and fostering a favourable brand attitude for a specific person, business, item, or service. They achieve these objectives via a number of tactics, such as cultivating media contacts, writing press releases, creating and overseeing consumer-facing campaigns, and reducing the impact of unfavourable publicity. PR managers typically require a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, marketing, or a related field and may work for an independent business like a restaurant, a business group or corporation, a hotel chain or a book publisher, or a non-profit academic or other institution like a university, or an individual like a politician, celebrity, or author. Additionally, PR professionals make great average pay.


Whether it’s a sales letter, a website landing page, or an advertisement, copywriters are in charge of creating content that persuades the reader to act. In the end, copywriters provide the material that aids organizations in generating sales, making them a tremendously valuable resource for firms seeking to engage their customers and increase conversions and income.

Research Analyst

Research analysts are in charge of gathering, confirming, organizing, and analysing data. They then use the analysis to draw important business conclusions and offer their employer evidence-backed suggestions. There are many different divisions and fields where research analysts can work including finance, marketing, economics, and operations. While working with data is a large part of a research analyst’s job, sharing their analysis and conclusions with internal stakeholders also plays a significant part in their function. To do this, research analysts must write thorough reports and create and deliver presentations.

9 writing jobs for people who love writing
9 writing jobs for people who love writing

Curriculum Developer

Academic, educational, or training materials, such as textbooks, digital course materials, college course materials outlines and syllabi, and other resources to support teaching or training, are all the responsibility of curriculum developers. Curriculum developers may work for universities, research organizations, non-profits, or businesses, depending on the type of curriculum they specialize in. Most curriculum designers have at least a bachelor’s degree, are excellent writers and researchers, and are well-versed in their field of specialization, for example, a curriculum developer writing a textbook on math would need to have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Your next professional move can be becoming a curriculum director.

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