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Why We Write: 5 Reasons One Should Write

Why We Write: 5 Reasons One Should Write

Writing is the most simple yet most complicated skill. More than a skill it’s an art that is truly passion driven. There is a side which believes that everyone can’t write or can’t be a writer. While there is another side of the spectrum which believes that anyone and everyone can become a writer or has a writer inside them. Both the arguments or rather term them as statements are true and appear to be quite logical. As writing is all about mood, flow, feel and passion. Many wanna-be writers have a question in their mind; why do we write? So before you begin your journey as a writer let’s understand why we write and the 5 reasons one should write.

Writing is a Stress Buster

Anyone who writes will know that writing is a big stress buster. Historically many great authors or poets started writing when they were stressed, lonely or sad. This is the reason, ‘pain’ is often termed as a writer’s best friend. Writing is also used by many as a stress buster. Many people write journals, diaries, poems or short stories to ease their feelings. Making them public or not is your call. And making it your full time hobby or profession is again a personal call. 

Gives us Clarity about our Thoughts and Ideas

Why We Write: 5 Reasons One Should Write
Why We Write: 5 Reasons One Should Write

Well this is quite a proven fact that writing gives you clarity in your thoughts and ideas. When you write about any thought, feeling or idea that is cluttered in your mind or are confused about. Writing things down will articulate those thoughts or ideas and provide you clarity. That’s the reason that it is advised to write down your thoughts whenever you feel confused or cluttered. Doing so will give you clarity and relief.

Maintaining Records

Maintaining records is another significant reason. This aspect of writing can’t be ignored or discounted. If people didn’t write to maintain record we wouldn’t have had things like ancient myths and historicals. Almost our whole past and knowledge of the ancient civilizations would have vanished if people didn’t write about those events. We would have also lost a large part of our cultural and traditional beliefs records were not maintained through books, poems and stories. 

For Expressing Ourselves

Why We Write: 5 Reasons One Should Write
Why We Write: 5 Reasons One Should Write

Many people write to impress but the main motive of writing is to express. For ages writing has been believed to be the biggest medium of expressing ourselves. Be it expressing the feelings, emotions or personality & character. People write and have been writing to express themselves. The type and motive of expression widely differs. The motive and way of expression is very subjective in nature. And is truly the writer’s call.

For Telling or Retelling Stories

Writing is also one of the oldest and an impactful method of storytelling. People tend to write for telling or retelling of stories. Writing is a simple yet powerful medium of storytelling which has been used for ages. Many times people tend to tell their stories through writing or at times retell some story in a different way through their writings. THe approach and style of telling or retelling stories is again a very subjective thing. But it can tell a lot about the writer or the writer’s intent.

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