Why Self study is more important in today’s digital age where there is a lot of information easily accessible 24/7 from mobile devices, computer, etc. Although the modern day learning environment has radically changed. Especially since both students and teachers across the globe have been forced to adjust to this strange and uncertain situation. Schools have shifted from classrooms to online classes at home.

Online classes are a good alternative, however they are not the best. During online classes there are many distractions, there is no requirement to participate. Therefore, self study is more important than attending classes. It requires students to find their own path to learning and be responsible for their own learning. Self studying can help build independence and ability to progress without depending on a teacher.

While self studying, working out an answer or solving a problem by yourself can feel rewarding and also solidify learning. When students take ownership of their learning and when they experience success, they develop confidence and self motivation. The rise of the Internet has made self-learning more effective, convenient and fast. Self learning along with traditional school work can help students learn and remember information better, help increase their comprehension, grades and motivation. Self learning is a great method to enhance the learning experience.

Why Self Study Is More Important
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Students Develop Strong Problem Solving Skills:

Self study or self learning gives the students the ability to identify problems and find effective solutions on their own. Self-learning is a trial and error form of learning. Students have to set their own goals, identify how to keep in progress and understand how to manage their time. Self learning helps students solve problems independently compared to the spoon-feeding of all the solutions and knowledge at schools and institutes. Self learning provides the ability to learn at your pace and time. Students get to learn how to actively look for solutions instead of having solutions brought to them. So self study is more important.

Inculcates Discipline And Boost Self-Esteem:

self study is also more important as it inculcates discipline in the students. While learning they have to decide how to go through and sort out an overwhelming amount of information, they have to evaluate, manage their time and avoid getting distracted. This requires a lot of discipline, it can boost self-esteem. As students self study more, they become more confident learners. Students are able to see themselves as independent people, who can learn new things without anyone helping them. This is helpful to boost their self-boost.

Makes Learning Relevant:

In self study, students take charge of the learning process. This makes learning enjoyable as they learn new things. Learning becomes relevant as students learn what they want in areas that spark their interest. Self-driven learning forms a personal desire to gain new knowledge for students. As the students have a clear purpose, why and what they are learning, the information they gain is often relevant. Students become more inclined to search for information about topics that interest them as they are not learning just for the sake of learning.

Learn Other Skills In The Process:

When students are self study, they get to learn other important skills such as time management, self-assessment, and setting their own goals. These skills are important that they can be applied anywhere. Students who are good at self-learning have an increased ability to develop other skills as they often have to use a certain set of skills in order to learn. Self-learners have a strong commitment to tasks, as they learn how to follow a plan until they achieve their goals. Self learning is all about searching for new information on a topic that the student is interested in.

Encourages Curiosity:

Self study occurs naturally when there is curiosity. Therefore, it means that students will be motivated to learn and they will acquire much more knowledge when that curiosity comes from within than from outside sources. Curiosity is one of the biggest and often overlooked qualities for motivating students to learn. When students are not engaged with what they are learning, they absorb less of the information as they study to memorize rather than understand. Self study allows students to choose something they are interested in and excited to learn about, which leads to a more effective learning experience. This makes it even more important that we encourage students to do self study.

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