What’s Mine and Yours by Naima Coster explores class, race, parenthood and belonging through two very different families. There are so many things happening in this novel that every reader can take away something different from the story. Social class, race, addiction, and relationships are only a small portion of the subjects the writer tackles in this novel. It did not take long for me to feel completely fascinated by the character’s life. Highly recommended read if you like multi-generational family dramas.

What's Mine and Yours By Naima Coster
What’s Mine and Yours By Naima Coster

Truly, other than having an overall idea of some of the topics explored in the novel, you truly do not have to know a lot before diving right in. To cover the basics however, the setting is Piedmont, North Carolina and happens throughout the span of a few decades. Some of the important characters include Gee, a young Black male being raised by his mom. Jade, and Lacey May, a white lady bringing up her half-Latina daughter.

The synopsis of What’s Mine and Yours mentions a school integration plot and while it unquestionably plays a key part. It is not the majority of the story. The author takes as much time as is needed building up the characters, before uncovering how everything integrates. Which is something good according to me. I am not saying the synopsis is misdirecting, but it was very far along in the book before you even get to the school stuff.

I had a minor issue with the story as I feel Lacey May was not a completely developed character. However, this is one reason I figure this novel would make a great book club selection. There are such countless things to discuss. Perhaps the groundwork was laid in unobtrusive manners all through the story as to some of her opinions. If it was, it went totally over my head or it seemed like it emerged from left field. However, maybe that is more practical as sometimes you are found totally off-guard when learning somebody’s perspective.

I am glad I had the opportunity to read What’s Mine and Yours by Naima Coster. As I can not stop thinking about the characters.

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