What Makes Batman the Best Superhero: Batman is one of the oldest and most loved superheroes ever. Many comics critics and fans even believe that Batman is arguably the best comics superhero of all time. While this statement is highly debatable, no one can deny Batman’s legacy and popularity. Batman surely competes with comics figures like Superman, Spider Man, Wolverine and Captain America. The thing that makes the vigilante so special is his relevance, the iconic superhero character is still relevant and successful. But the question still remains the same, is he (Batman) the best superhero out there? So, let’s look at a few important points that will surely lead us to a conclusion. 

Legacy and Success

Batman is one of the oldest superhero characters. The vigilante made his first appearance in 1939 in the twenty seventh issue of the comic book ‘Detective Comics’. Since then Batman has appeared in countless comic books, several movies and tv shows. Batman comics rank amongst the most selling comics of all time. DC’s detective superhero has been able to sell more than 480 million comic book copies under his name. While Batman has also appeared in many movies, some of them have been declared as blockbusters and few of them have also achieved the status of cult classic. From critics to box office and from masses to classes, the superhero has dominated every spectrum for decades.

What Makes Batman the Best Superhero
What Makes Batman the Best Superhero

Powers of Batman

DC’s vigilante has no godly powers like Thor or Superman. Neither he’s a by-product of any insect bite or nuclear reactor. Batman’s main power is his will and dedication. His ability of never giving up and fighting till he succeeds is unparalleled. Batman is a normal human being who has reached almost the peak of human abilities (mentally and physically). He is also a genius who uses his brain and resources for creating different inventive tools and weapons. Add to that Batman is a super intelligent detective who digs up any case to find the solutions. The vigilante detective has no typical superhero powers but his bits and pieces (powers & abilities) makes him one of the toughest competitors for any villain or superhero.

Dark Past and Vulnerability

Bright things excite us momentarily while dark things engage us. The same goes with Batman’s story. While there are many heroes whose lives are dark, tuff and painful. But there isn’t a darker story and character than the Batman’s. Once you start knowing about him, you can’t stop yourself from exploring more & more. Batman is a superhero who is vulnerable but never hides or fully showcases his vulnerability. While his dark past is something that always intrigues and engages people. Everyone what’s to understand how an 8 year old child turned into a mysterious man. Audiences wish to dig down into his mind and get a glimpse of his emotional and personal side. That’s the reason that he’s one of the rare superheroes who’s character and personal life excites the masses more than his superhero side.

Batman’s Mysterious Character & Personality

Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a wealthy businessman and philanthropist. On the surface level he seems to be a sophisticated young handsome man. But from inside he’s a broken man who’s constantly disturbed by his dark past. Billionaire Businessman in the eyes of the public turns into a vigilante detective superhero ‘Batman’ in the dark. The Bat roams around the city to save people from crime and corruption. The vigilante has his own set of rules & values and for him that’s the line between good & bad. Even after being a vigilante, Batman has the policy of not killing anyone. The mystery around his character makes him unique and different from other superheroes. Even after decades the mystery around Batman’s character is still intact.

So What Makes Batman the Best Superhero

What Makes Batman the Best Superhero
What Makes Batman the Best Superhero

Every superhero or character has their special traits or qualities. But very few have qualities and traits like the Batman. Batman’s mysterious personality and his human side makes him stand out and unique in the long list of iconic & popular superheroes. Over the decades Batman has created a cult for himself and has become a part of the Pop-Culture. His popularity and relevance has only grown with time. Batman’s layered character makes him a buyable character for all age groups and is suitable for all movie genre fans. His character signifies a lot from will to dedication and from childhood trauma to blunt emotions. But the most significant thing that the DC superhero (Batman) signifies is, what a human can do if he connects his skill with will & dedication. Batman somewhat portrays the limitless potential of the human mind & body. So, what’s your take? Do you think that Batman is the best comic book superhero ever?

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