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10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized

10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized

Enough of cramming your books just because you found a little space in your shelf – a good book organization system is what you need to make your room look clean and bookshelf pretty and that is just going to make it easier for you to find your books. And when your shelf is well-organized that is just going to make you want to pick up a book to read. Here are 10 creative ways to keep your books organized.

Hard Covers and Paperbacks

The easiest way to handle and organize your bookshelf is to separate the paperbacks and the hardcovers. It would be easier for you to pick out the book from the shelf in that way.

Arrange By Color

This is the most creative way to keep your room organized in a palette and a VIBGYOR pattern. Not only it would be easier for you to remember and find the book but whenever anyone enters your room, they would just wait and take a minute to admire your bookshelf.

10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized
10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized

Stack Books

Do not be afraid to stack your books. Sometimes you just do not want to spend time finding the book in the lower row, you want it right in front of your eyesight on the second row. What you are going to do is, find a corner and stack the books that you are currently reading and stack the books size-wise, and place them horizontally and vertically.

Take Care of Your Genres

As book lovers, we all tend to have a favorite genre and some avid readers do not care about the genre, they love to read any and every writer they come across. If you have a large number of books, you can always arrange them into genres. A corner for classic novels on the first shelf, a collection of poems and the books you want to read that month in the second, the finished ones in the third, and the new ones in the last. You know your genres; just take a good 15 minutes to take care of the bookshelf.

Organize Your Shelf

You can be as creative as you want with your bookshelf. You can choose to arrange them alphabetically or you can even choose to keep the one-word title in the first row, the two-word titles in the second, and so on.

10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized
10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized

Take Care of Your Emotions

This is one of the ways to take care of your emotions. You can arrange your shelf according to what those books made you feel or could make you feel. A corner for happy endings, profound and meaningful, tragic deaths, or inspirational and positive mindset books – by doing this way you can choose and pick a book according to your mood.

Separate Your Books According to Authors

You can organize your bookshelf by separating the books according to eras and authors. By doing that you could also remember which author belonged to which period. Suppose you keep your 17th-century writers on the first row and the Victorian on the second and Modern writers on the third along with contemporary, that way you can easily find it and memorize which author belonged to which literary era.

Take Good Care of the Condition

Some book lovers tend to buy first hand some choose to go for second-hand, and the sole purpose is to find the annotations, post it and questions they might have marked – and let’s just admit it, when a book is old and the pages are turning brown that is one of the most aesthetics things about academia. So, you can arrange your books in that order, maybe torn books on the lower shelf, the secondhand ones on the second, leather bounds on the first along with first hand.

10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized
10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Books Organized

Separate Fiction Non-Fiction

One of the ways to find your books easily is to separate fiction and non-fiction. Whenever you need to find a book just go for the first and second row that is where your fictions are, it is easier that way.

Choose Your Author

If you are someone who reads books of different languages – you can arrange your rows according to the languages or you can also separate them according to their nationalities. American writers on the first row, British and Russian writers on the,e second, and so on.

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