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J.K. Rowling Biography

J.K. Rowling Biography

J.K. Rowling Biography

J.K. Rowling Biography: J.K. Rowling, known as Joanne Rowling, was born on July 31, 1965. Rowling is a British author and philanthropist. She penned the seven-volume children’s fantasy series Harry Potter between 1997 and 2007. The series has generated a global media phenomenon that includes movies and video games, has sold more than 500 million units worldwide and has been converted into at least 70 different languages. The Casual Vacancy, her first book for adults, was released in 2012. She is the author of the ongoing Cormoran Strike crime novel series under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

J. K. Rowling, a Yate native, earned a degree in French from the University of Exeter in 1987 and started a side job as a bilingual secretary. She came up with the ideas for Harry Potter’s characters in 1990 when waiting for a delayed train; later that same year, her mother passed away from multiple sclerosis. Seven years prior to the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Rowling relocated to Portugal. She got married, gave birth to a daughter, moved to Scotland after her marriage fell apart, got divorced, and obtained a teaching credential. As a single parent receiving state assistance, she wrote while dealing with the loss of her mother. She was ranked as the highest-paid novelist in the world by Forbes in 2008.

J.K. Rowling Biography
J.K. Rowling Biography


Joanne Rowling’s parents, Anne and Peter James Rowling met while traveling by train from King’s Cross station in London to Arbroath, Scotland, where they were assigned to serve in the navy. While Anne was a member of the Wrens, Pete served in the Royal Navy.

The two of them were raised in the middle class; Pete was the child of a machine-tool setter who eventually opened a grocery store. On March 14, 1965, when they were 19 years old, they got married after leaving the navy to hunt for a rural place to raise their child. Joanne always liked the name Potter; they lived close to the Rowlings. Scarry’s creatures served as the inspiration for Joanne’s first literary effort, a short narrative she titled “Rabbit” and wrote when she was six years old.


As she grew up in a tiny town with family pressures, Rowling developed a greater interest in her academics. She was “not remarkable,” but rather “among a group of students who were intelligent and pretty brilliant at English,” according to her first English teacher in secondary school, Steve Eddy. In addition to being chosen Wyedean’s head girl, Rowling successfully finished her A-levels in English, German, and French with two As and a B. She submitted an application to Oxford University in 1982, but it was denied. Because she went to a public school instead of a private one, her rejection is blamed on privilege. Even though Rowling had always aspired to be a writer, she decided to study French and classics at the University of Exeter for pragmatic reasons. Later, she said that despite Exeter not living up to her expectations, she had fun because she had met more people who shared her interests. Her biographers claim that she was a typical Exeter student who didn’t have much passion or excitement for learning and put her social life before her education.

J.K. Rowling Biography
J.K. Rowling Biography

Rowling recalls doing little work while a student because she enjoyed reading Tolkien and Dickens more. After spending a year studying in Paris, she earned a BA in French in 1987 from Exeter. While she was performing contract jobs in London, Amnesty International employed her to record human rights situations in French-speaking Africa. She started writing adult books while she was a temp, but they were never published. She routinely took lengthy train trips to meet her partner, with whom she had plans to relocate to Manchester in 1990. Midway through 1990, she was on a journey from Manchester to London that was four hours late when the images of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley entered her thoughts. Before going to her apartment and beginning to write, she developed the figures and their plot in her mind since she didn’t have a pen or paper with her.

Personal Life

In a bar five months after arriving in Porto, Rowling met Jorge Arantes, a Portuguese television journalist, and realised that they shared a passion for Jane Austen. When Rowling suffered a miscarriage in the middle of 1992, they were preparing to travel to London to meet Arantes’ relatives. They had a tense relationship, but on October 16, 1992, they got married. On July 27, 1993, in Portugal, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes was born.

Rowling experienced domestic abuse while she was married. In June 2020, Arantes confessed hitting her and said he had no regrets. Rowling referred to the union as “brief and catastrophic.” On November 17, 1993, Rowling and Arantes ended things after he kicked her out of the house; she later went back with the police to find Jessica and spent two weeks in disguise before fleeing Portugal.

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