Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Booklicious Podcast. Today, we will be discussing “What Lies in the Woods,” a new novel by Kate Alice Marshall.

The story follows three childhood friends, Naomi, Olivia, and Cassidy, who played a game called The Goddess Game in the woods of their town. One summer, Naomi was brutally attacked, and the girls helped put the suspected serial killer, Allan Michael Stahl, behind bars. However, 22 years later, Naomi receives a call that brings the past back to the forefront of her mind. Stahl has died in prison, and Naomi is left wondering if the girls were entirely truthful about what happened in the woods that day.

The novel has two timelines, one that takes place during the summer when the girls were 11 years old, and the other 22 years later, when Naomi returns to her hometown to uncover the truth. The alternating timeline helps piece together the story, which is full of twists and turns.

The author’s dark writing style and compelling characters keep readers engaged and interested in the story. Naomi, in particular, is a fascinating character, dealing with the physical and emotional scars of the attack.

Marshall’s debut adult novel has a similar tone and themes to her YA books, making it an excellent transitional book for readers moving from YA to the adult space.

Overall, “What Lies in the Woods” is a thrilling mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end. While there are some minor flaws, it’s a strong debut for Marshall in this new space, and we can’t wait to see what she writes next.

That’s all for today’s episode of Booklicious Podcast. Join us next time for another exciting book discussion. Thanks for listening!

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