A Master of Djinn By P. Djèlí Clark is the first novel in the series (Dead Djinn Universe). She has created a fantasy story wrapped around a mystery. The story is set in the city of Cairo in 1912, here magic exists, djinns and also secret societies.

A Master of Djinn By P. Djèlí Clark I Fantasy Story Wrapped Around A Mystery
A Master of Djinn By P. Djèlí Clark I Fantasy Story Wrapped Around A Mystery

Fatma el-Sha’arawi is our protagonist and probably the youngest female agent at the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities. In the previous summer, she saved the universe from annihilation. Presently, she’s been called in on a most strange homicide. The whole membership of a small secret brotherhood devoted to al-Jahiz, possibly the most famous men ever. He in addition to other things opened the wall to the world where djinn had retreated to, has been killed.

What makes this case a Ministry matter is the way that, with one exemption, all the dead were burnt to death. However, just their flesh were burnt without harming their clothes. The last victim was not burnt; his head was turned totally in reverse on his body, this act requiring superhuman strength.

The mission is surprisingly more dangerous than it seems, yet Fatma won’t be alone. She will be joined by Hadia, the new recruit of the service, she wants to test her ability and boldness and Siti, an old friend who knows more than she. The villain claims to be the resurrection of Al-Jahiz. He got back to earth to help people. Fatma’s central goal is to demonstrate that he is an impostor and a killer with no good intentions.

The worldbuilding is astonishing, the ideal balance among mythology and mystery with steampunk. We discover Egyptian mythology, with creature like djinn, ghuls or angels and with amazingly advanced technology. The characters are extraordinary as well. They have various personalities however they all have in common : they are solid, clever and intelligent. I truly like Fatman and Hadia, need more of their adventures, additionally I need to visit the library, sounds astonishing.

The story of A Master of Djinn By P. Djèlí Clark is so good, and it is not only about magic. It also talks about gender discrimination, racism and LGBT characters.

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