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Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power)

Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power)

Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power): Marvel Comics has a rich history of introducing characters who are more than meets the eye, including a surprising number of powerful clones. The concept of cloning offers the intriguing possibility of facing familiar heroes and villains against eerily similar versions of themselves. This often results in epic showdowns that test their strength, wits, and willpower. But, which clone is the most powerful?



First on our list is the lethal X-23, born from the lab that produced Wolverine and known as Laura Kinney. A creation of Craig Kyle for X-Men: Evolution, Laura soon stepped off the small screen and leapt onto the comic pages of the Marvel Universe. Resulting from 23 attempts to clone Wolverine, X-23 isn’t just a duplicate; she surpasses Logan as an assassin due to intensive psychological conditioning. Overcoming her tragic past, Laura found solace at the Xavier Institute, fostering a strong bond with Hellion. Following Wolverine’s death, she adopted his classic uniform and title, honoring his legacy. Now a pivotal character in the new Logan movie, X-23 is set to carve her path in upcoming X-Adventures.

Kid Apocalypse

Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) - Kid Apocalypse
Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) – Kid Apocalypse

Next on our list is the enigmatic Evan Sabahnur, better known as Kid Apocalypse. This potent clone shook the Marvel Universe when he arrived at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, stirring curiosity with his uncanny resemblance to the infamous villain, Apocalypse. The truth of his existence unfolded with the revelations from Daken and the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: he was indeed a clone, nurtured and protected by the enigmatic Fantomex. His journey took a turn when he was befriended by the unlikely Deadpool, thrusting him into a crucial role during the 2014 Marvel crossover event, AXIS, where he matured into Apocalypse. Expect this powerful entity to leave a lasting imprint on the future of Marvel.

Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider
Scarlet Spider

Created by the deranged genetics professor Miles Warren, aka The Jackal, Ben is the first successful clone of Peter Parker, the beloved Spider-Man. Presumed dead after being dropped into a smokestack, he resurfaces as Ben and traverses America until his encounter with Peter, joining forces as the heroic Scarlet Spider to aid Aunt May. Manipulated by Norman Osborn, Ben briefly assumes the role of Spider-Man, believing himself to be the original Peter. However, a climactic battle against Osborn ends tragically for Ben. Recently, he has returned as the enigmatic mastermind behind The Clone Conspiracy, unraveling a new chapter in his complex legacy.


Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) - Kaine
Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) – Kaine

Kaine Parker, the often forgotten clone of Peter Parker, stands out as the most intriguing creation from the Spider-Man clone saga. Afflicted by a degenerative disease, he possesses all the powers of Peter but with a twisted “spider-sense” that grants him glimpses into the future. Kaine’s most disturbing trait is the ability to leave a burning imprint, known as the “Mark of Kaine,” on his defeated enemies. Despite being overlooked, Kaine has garnered a devoted following, leading creators to incorporate him into compelling storylines, ensuring his enduring presence in the Marvel universe.



During the epic events of the first Civil War, Thor was absent, having perished along with his fellow Asgardians in Ragnarok. To fill the void, Thor’s allies, Iron Man, Hank Pym, and Mister Fantastic, created a cybernetic clone using a strand of his hair. Initially known as the clone Thor or Clor, this artificial doppelgänger eventually adopted the name Ragnarok.

Ragnarok’s first act was a savage assault on Captain America’s resistance fighters, resulting in the merciless death of Black Goliath. After being reprogrammed, he joined the final battle of the war, but was ultimately pummeled by the Olympian God, Hercules. Following the conflict, Ragnarok’s broken form lay dormant at Camp Hammond until he was reconstructed and enlisted by Norman Osborn for his second team of Dark Avengers. In an alternate dimension, the clone proved his worthiness to lift Thor’s hammer, triggering a transformative process that altered his appearance and bestowed a goatee. Since then, Ragnarok’s whereabouts have become unknown, leaving his fate shrouded in mystery.

Madelyne Prior

Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) - Madelyne Prior
Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) – Madelyne Prior

Madelyne, a clone of Jean Grey, plays a significant role in the expansive X-Men universe. Created by Mister Sinister to combat Apocalypse, Madelyne was given life by the Phoenix Force after Jean’s death. Sinister arranged for her to meet Cyclops, and they married, having a child named Nathan Christopher Summers, who would become Cable.

However, Madelyne’s story took a dark turn when she became the Goblin Queen, manipulated by the demon N’astirh. She unleashed demonic forces upon Manhattan, seeking more power and even contemplating sacrificing her own child. Ultimately defeated by Jean, Madelyne died but has since returned, only to meet her demise and reside in the astral plane. Despite being a clone, Madelyne’s impact on the X-Men mythology and her tumultuous journey make her an intriguing character in her own right.



As the clone of Cable, Stryfe stands as a flawless replica of one of the most lethal mutants in existence. Possessing all the formidable abilities of Cable, Stryfe is unrestricted by the Techno Organic Virus that plagues his counterpart. This distinction alone sets him apart as an even more formidable force. What makes Stryfe even more formidable is his upbringing. Unlike Cable, who was relentlessly pursued by Apocalypse, Stryfe was actually raised by the sinister entity himself. This upbringing under the guidance of one of Marvel’s most dangerous beings further shapes and molds Stryfe into a formidable and deadly adversary.

Ultimate Jessica Drew

Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) - Ultimate Jessica Drew
Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) – Ultimate Jessica Drew

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, a unique clone named Jessica Drew was created as a female version of Spider-Man, distinct from her Earth-616 counterpart. The condensed Ultimate Clone Saga revolved around Doctor Octopus and scientist Ben Reilly, resulting in Jessica as the sole surviving clone. With the memories, experiences, and powers of the original Peter Parker, she initially operated as Spider-Woman before assuming the mantle of Black Widow. Joining the multiversal event Spider-Verse, she fought alongside a diverse array of Spider-Men and Women. Although her home dimension was destroyed during Secret Wars, Ultimate Jessica Drew defied the odds and continues to traverse the multiverse as a member of the Web Warriors.

Otto Octavius

Otto Octavius
Otto Octavius

A noteworthy clone in the Marvel Universe is Otto Octavius, known as the Superior Spider-Man. After discovering his impending body swap with Peter Parker, he uploaded his consciousness into an AI program and then into an Octobot. Later, it was revealed that Otto had utilized the Jackal’s technology to create a powerful clone body. The Proto-Clone, merging Otto’s DNA with Spider-Man’s, bestowed advanced abilities upon him. This upgrade transformed the Superior Spider-Man into a more formidable and capable hero, leading to captivating storylines. Otto Octavius’s clone serves as a testament to the complexities and possibilities of cloning within the Marvel Universe.


Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) - Joseph
Top 10 Clones in Marvel Comics (In Terms of Power) – Joseph

After Magneto’s mind wipe, he lay comatose under the care of his Acolytes. The arrival of Holocaust resulted in a destructive battle, and Magneto was placed in an escape pod. Emerging as a young man called Joseph, devoid of memories, he joined the X-Men and confronted formidable foes like Onslaught and the Phalanx. Unbeknownst to him, Joseph was a clone of Magneto, while the true Magneto plotted behind the scenes. Created by Astra, a former associate, Joseph was designed to be a weapon against Magneto. As their final clash ensued, Joseph’s clone body deteriorated, seemingly sacrificing himself to foil Magneto’s plans. His subsequent fate remains unknown.

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