Too Much Content Release from Marvel is Good or Bad: The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the market leader for more than a decade. Marvel has not only been the market leader in the superhero spectrum but has also been the most significant player in driving the motion picture industry (films). Their movies have recreated the aura and fandom of Superhero Cinema in the masses. With time Marvel has created its cult which is unmatchable in today’s Cinema scenarios.

A time where people barely wish to leave their homes for films as they are equipped with tools like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and Disney Plus which enables them to watch big budget movies or series in high quality in the comfort of their homes. The OTT (movie streaming platforms) revolution has largely impacted the conventional movie going experience of the masses. But the MCU has been able to tackle this phenomena too. However, the Comics giant has understood the trends and has also stepped into the OTT arena and has released ton & tons of TV series in recent times. So, if everything is going so well, where is the problem?

The vicious cycle of Demand & Supply

Don’t worry we’ll not be getting into some B-School or serious Economy sessions. We all know the basics of demand and supply. When the demand goes up you start supplying more, and it seems there is nothing wrong in it. Marvel did the same their ventures were working, in fact working like wonders at the Box Office. So, they upscaled their film & tv series production frequency. As a result we were bombarded with tons & tons of Marvel Content. We barely see quality & quantity being on the same sides of the arena, especially in the entertainment field. Many believe that the MCU is focusing more on the commerce and less on the arts side of their cinema. 

Too Much Content Release from Marvel is Good or Bad
Too Much Content Release from Marvel is Good or Bad

Transition Phase

While there’s another side which believes that everything is fine as it’s just a transition phase. While this can’t be denied the MCU is in a transition phase. A transition is never smooth, Marvel is trying different strategies, storylines and superheroes. Most probably with time and few experiments the MCU should be able to strike a balance between quality and quantity. The problem with the upcoming Marvel ventures is that it has to meet the standards and benchmarks set by previous MCU ventures. The new ventures are in constant comparison with the new ones. It’s important for Marvel to carefully manage and handle this phase of transition.

The Superhero Spectrum

You believe it or not but a superhero cinema is all about the ‘Superhero’. The superhero is the selling point and main ingredient of any superhero genre film or tv series. Yes the portrayal, storyline, production and marketing is equally important. However, Marvel has created its own unique identity and is capable of pulling the masses towards the theaters just by its name & brand. But at the end of the day everyone only remembers the Superhero or main protagonist and antagonist’s characters. And these characters are carried forward for next movies. 

Too Much Content Release from Marvel is Good or Bad
Too Much Content Release from Marvel is Good or Bad

The character’s success is very important for building a universe and franchise. What would have happened if characters like Iron Man (RDJ) and Captain America (Chris Evans) would have failed to impress the audiences. It would have almost been an impossible task for them to create one of the most iconic and successful franchises in the history of cinema. That’s the impact such characters have in franchise films. At this point of time all the old iconic figures (Avengers) are back in the pavilion or are at the verge of their superhero careers. So, who do you think from the current lot can become the next RDJ (Iron Man) or Chris Evans (Captain America) for the MUC in terms of popularity. With all the resources, storylines and hype, still Marvel needs a figure who can bind the storylines and Superhero Universe. The character needs to create  a connect with the audiences and should have the abilities to create an iconic stature.

How can Marvel get things back to normal

Well there can be 100’s of answers and probabilities of what may or may not work. But there are definitely few things that Marvel can do to get back to normal. First of all they should realize their address, their failures & faults. Being ignorant may not affect their reputation & business at this point of time but will be lethal in the long run. MCU needs to strike a balance between quantity and quality. Realizing tons & tons of mini tv and tv series won’t help the franchise in the long run. They need some strong standout characters with solid storylines who can bind and take the whole superhero universe forward.

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