The Watcher Girl By Minka Kent is Well written, well paced, and well plotted. The book is centered around Grace McMullen, who was a child in the earlier book. She is currently a loner. She finds it difficult to believe people or let herself care a lot about others.

The Watcher Girl By Minka Kent
The Watcher Girl By Minka Kent (Book By Minka Kent)

Grace McMullen works for an organization who dives into the deep dark web to find and destroy information people don’t need on the Internet. At the point when Grace gets back to her old hometown after many years, her family thought Grace needs to reconnect. However, she returned out of worry about her college boyfriend. Grace thoroughly understands obsession, and she is afraid Sutton is still fixated on her. It turns out he has married somebody who looks surprisingly like Grace.

She meets Campbell, Sutton’s better half, and also their daughter. Their daughter was shockingly named Grace yet whom they call Gigi. Grace, being one not to draw close to anybody, creates a kind of companionship with Campbell. She discovers that in numerous parts of her life, things aren’t what they appear to be. I was able to figure out few of the twists, however was shocked by others.

This is likewise a story of Grace reconnecting with her family. Specially to her father, her sister (Rose), her dad’s present girlfriend (Bliss, who holds her very own mystery). Grace likewise has a sibling, Sebastian, but he is away at law school and is definitely not an integral part of this story. Grace was adopted by the McMullens however she never truly felt a part of the family, as there was some cloud looming over her head, a darkness inside.

Through this story, she finds that a portion of her truth that she had been holding for some many years are not truth by any means. This story truly takes a turn when Campbell uncovers one more mystery to Grace. This is the place where the path veers off toward another direction altogether.

If you like thrill rides, I am certain you will like this one. This one will bring you down a slow path, driving you in one direction and afterward veering off toward another direction altogether. I think you will be amazed and undoubtedly will like The Watcher Girl By Minka Kent.

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