In “The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History,” we will be exploring the pantheon of deities from ancient Egypt that have made their mark in the Marvel Comics universe. From the all-powerful pharaohs to the deities of the underworld, these gods have played a significant role in shaping the stories of Marvel’s characters. With their vast powers and abilities, it can be difficult to determine which of these deities reigns supreme. In this article, we will be talking about the most powerful Egyptian gods in the Marvel Universe based on their feats and abilities as depicted in the comics. Whether they are revered as protectors or feared as conquerors, these gods are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History


The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History - Sobek
The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History – Sobek

Sobek was the deity of military strength in ancient Egyptian mythology, and he was frequently pictured wearing a crocodile head. Similar to Bast, his Marvel Comics version has a reptile appearance but is given less attention overall. Sobek is exclusively revered by the Crocodile Cult, which rivals T’Challa’s rule in Wakanda.

Throughout the comics, the Crocodile Cult continues to be the Black Panther’s enemy. They once brought Morlun back to life to undermine the Wakandan crown, but the vampire would eventually turn against them. Sobek has yet to continue to battle numerous Marvel Comics deities, despite not being any of them very well as an opponent.


10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel – Isis

Isis, who serves as a motherly figure to the Egyptian people, is the sister-wife of the Egyptian deity Osiris. She allegedly served as a guide for Egyptian funeral rites, assisting the souls of the deceased as they transitioned through the afterlife. However, in the Marvel reality, Isis is renowned for being a cunning goddess who abused her husband following Seth’s murder.

The capacity to raise the dead is one of Isis’ skills in the comics, which is consistent with her age-old origins. She also accompanied her spouse Osiris when they were set free by Thor and Odin in the current era of Marvel Comics. She and Osiris played a crucial role in aiding Thor in his victory over Seth, as was shown in a 1975 edition of his first solo series.


The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History - Osiris
The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History – Osiris

Viewers of Moon Knight are likely familiar with Osiris because the god’s Avatar has an important role as the head of the Ennead Council. The god has a crucial position in the Ennead as the deity of the dead, even though he doesn’t have the distinctive green skin of hieroglyphs. Ironically, after being assassinated by his brother Seth, the deity was then revived by Isis.

Osiris, one of the Egyptian gods that assisted the Norse gods in defeating Seth, would also interact with Thor and Odin. Later, Satan, a.k.a. Marduk Kurios, sought to resurrect him, but Daimon Hellstrom stopped him. As his Avatar was killed by Ammit in Moon Knight, perhaps Osiris will make another appearance in the MCU.



In the Marvel Universe, Set is often depicted as a powerful and malevolent force. He is the god of chaos, darkness, and the desert, and is able to manipulate sand and create powerful sandstorms. Set is also known for his superhuman strength and durability, making him a formidable opponent for any hero who crosses his path. In the comics, Set has often been portrayed as a ruthless and cruel deity, willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals. He has clashed with many of Marvel’s heroes over the years, including Thor, the Avengers, and the X-Men. Despite his malevolent nature, Set is still revered by some as a powerful deity, and his actions often have significant consequences for the Marvel Universe.


The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History - Amun-Ra
The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History – Amun-Ra

This Egyptian deity is frequently referred to as “Ra,” although other names include Atum, “Amon Ra,” and “Amun Ra”. Ra is the Sun God, the opposite of Khonshu, making him extremely significant to the story of Moon Knight. Ra frequently acts through an Avatar known as the “Sun King” in Marvel Comics, much like Khonshu and Moon Knight.

Amun-Ra and Khonshu have feuded throughout history, frequently leading to Ra’s death at the hands of a Moon Knight. Ra started acting as Marc Spector’s enemy when his Avatar, an unidentified psychiatric patient called Patient 86, started wreaking havoc in Ra’s name. This Sun King was once more vanquished by the Moon Knight, who also claimed his cult of devotees.


10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel – Khonshu

Khonshu, the Moon God, is among the most well-known Egyptian deities in Marvel Comics. Khonshu was a close associate of Thoth and a creator of new life in the Egyptian mythology of the real world. His Avatars, whom he seeks to control to act as the “Fist of Khonshu” or Moon Knight, are his most notable addition to Marvel Comics.

Marc Spector, an American mercenary, was saved from imminent death by Khonshu, who then appointed him as the new Moon Knight. This relationship is extensively explored in the MCU series, as F. Murray Abraham’s portrayal of Khonshu clashes with Marc Spector’s as played by Oscar Isaac. He provides Moon Knight with his ceremonial armor and serves as his source of power.


The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History - Sekhmet
The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History – Sekhmet

Sekhmet, often known as the Lion God, was the sister of Bast, the deity that guards Wakanda. Sekhmet was only still revered by outlying cults, while Bast rose to prominence as a divinity in the African nation. As she unleashed her anger on the earth, she finally rose to the status of a goddess of war, referring to herself as “the lady of murder.”

Sekhmet, the Lion God, becomes a frequent foe for the Black Panther. Sekhmet dropped out of the Marvel comic universe’s battles after being vanquished by the Avengers. In Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa makes reference to the goddess as one of the two Wakandan deities who welcome the spirits of the deceased into the afterlife.


10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel – Oshtur

Oshtur, one of Earth’s first life forms, is among the planet’s oldest deities according to Marvel mythology. Agamotto was famously conceived by the kind Oshtur, who later raised him to become the first Sorcerer Supreme and the inventor of Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto. Oshtur is also referred to as the author of the Book of Vishanti in Strange’s universe.

Despite not being a true Egyptian deity, Oshtur joined the Ennead while posing as Ma’at, the deity of truth. Ma’at was revered by a civilization of Bird-Men who resided in the antiquity of Akah Ma’at at this time of Oshtur’s dominion. Let’s just say that Oshtur is in charge of a lot of the strong characters in the Marvel universe.


The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History - Thoth
The Top 10 Egyptian Gods in Marvel Comics History – Thoth

In several comic book series, Thoth who belonged to the Ogdead, an ancestor of the Ennead in Egyptian mythology has a significant role. The patron of knowledge, science and the arts, the god shares moon god responsibilities with Khonshu. He served as a mediator between the gods and Ra’s ally, which was a crucial part of his position in Egyptian mythology.

The responsibility of assessing the souls entering the afterlife fell to Thoth, like numerous other Egyptian deities. Those who didn’t make it to the Duat will be eaten by Ammit. Thoth was eventually able to change from being adored by Egyptians to being revered by Wakandans, alongside Bast and Ptah, by the fifth century.



Tawaret has a similar position in the Moon Knight series as Anubis does in both Egyptian mythology as well as Marvel Comics. Anubis would weigh the hearts of souls to see if they were worthy of the afterlife since he was the God of Death. In actual mythology, he would commonly be associated with the Greek God of the Underworld, Hades.

Anubis, who goes by the name Hellstorm in Marvel Comics, is a significant foe of Daimon Hellstrom. Anubis battles Hellstorm in Son of Satan’s 1975–1977 run, who is partnered with a murderer by the name of Mindstar. Although the Son of Satan faces a strong opponent when he takes the guise of a jackal, he is ultimately vanquished and compelled to free his human servants.

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