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The Spark By Vi Keeland Is A Wonderful Sweet Story

The Spark: By Vi Keeland Is A Wonderful Sweet Story

The Spark by Vi Keeland is a wonderful sweet story. The delicate theme was approached respectfully and in a genuinely provocative way. Both of the characters were likeable with totally different past stories. I enjoyed this novel because the story began similarly as a true story could begin. There were many good and bad times with the two primary characters and other characters were vital for the story. I think romantic readers will like the story, as well as people who like reading different genres.

The Spark By Vi Keeland Is A Wonderful Sweet Story
The Spark By Vi Keeland Is A Wonderful Sweet Story

Donovan worked really hard to make something of himself subsequent to coming from nothing. He never truly needed a relationship since he worked such countless hours. But, something moved when he met Autumn. She opened up a spot within him he didn’t even realize was shut off.

Autumn purposely avoided relationships. She simply needed a companion and that’s it. Particularly sentiments. She suffered something terrible and shut that entryway of her heart. But when she met with Donovan, they shared a weekend together. However she left because deep down she was terrified of what could be.

When they come together again, sparks fly once again. But, she is seeing somebody that has a connection with Donovan. But, he’s not willing to leave so that they could be together. And he’s determined to show her how she affects him.

The chemistry sizzles. The sexual tension will hit an untouched high as Donovan takes his move. He is sweet and smart, but knows she’s keeping down. Autumn has been in hold mode for such a long time. She’s haunted by her past experience. It’s the ideal time for her to share the weight so she can open her heart and let love in.

So many extraordinary characters and side plots. We’ll will see Donovan in his elements and fall more loved with him. He is far beyond you can envision. He has a big heart and his successful life was hard-earned. Autumn might have been his ideal lady, however he was the ideal man. Autumn was solid and strong. She battled her way back to herself. It required some time to work through her past, yet she quit running. She dealt with it directly and took away it’s power.

The Spark by Vi Keeland was a lovely story about second chances and forgiveness. It is not about forgiving others, but rather it is about forgiving yourself so that you can move ahead and live the happy life you deserve.

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