The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren was nerdy, funny, smart, sweet and sexy as hell. This was such a unique and fun novel. I flew through this one and I could not put it down. Dr River Pena is about to launch his company. His idea was based on discovering compatibility through science (DNA match). Gene information is utilized to anticipate how well two individuals match up in order to find their perfect partners. He is really amped up for it and focused on the upcoming release until he is totally shocked by his very own match.

The Soulmate Equation By Christina Lauren | Nerdy, Funny, Smart, Sweet And Sexy As Hell
The Soulmate Equation By Christina Lauren | Nerdy, Funny, Smart, Sweet And Sexy As Hell

Jess Davis is a single mom of a charming daughter. She lives with her daughter in an apartment owned and operated by her grandparents. She has a mother who borrows money constantly from Jess and deals with her like a bank. Her grandparents are good to her and look after her daughter. Her closest companion, Fizzy, is a famous romance writer and is out to discover the love for her life if possible.

When they meet the scientist “Dr River Pena” who invented new dating innovation at their neighbourhood coffee shop one morning. He welcomes them to come and see the invention. Jess is the sceptic of the two, yet has the trial done anyway. Then her results return with her matching with “Dr River Pena”. They have a 98 percent match that is practically unbelievable, however Jess is not actually interested. River’s organization is more than interested and offers Jess a ton of cash to work for them, also called dating River.

I truly liked Jess and wanted her to discover the love for her life, regardless of whether she is against it consistently at first. River might be a dreamy kind of character in the looks category, yet he’s sort of a geeky nearly stick in the mud. He is not actually interested in Jess-until he is. Being put together at events and parties intended to get more investors, brings a new awareness between the two and a companionship of sorts. I cherished seeing River become more friendly and become interested in Jess. I was additionally delighted to see him become more acquainted with Jess’ daughter.

Everything is not amazing in this story as life never truly is. Things occur, along with twists and through it all I continued pulling for this couple. The thing is, will issues pull them separate or strengthen there relationship? I liked seeing it run its course and cherished the entire story. I discovered the book to have an extraordinary premise in a universe of so many similar stories, just told an alternate way. Trust me, this is something to be thankful for. Some great side characters like jess friend Fizzy and her grandparents just added to this astounding story.

I had a great time reading The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren. I would highly recommend it to adult contemporary romance readers.

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