The secrets of us by Lucinda Berry is a good novel with some real plot twists. I felt attracted to the two characters, Krystal and Nichole, as I learn what has caused a present-day melt-down. The narrative of the story switches between Krystal’s perspective in present day, as she tries to unpick the cause behind Nichole’s apparent break-down. Seeing themselves as sisters since they are so close in age and upheld each other during their childhood as foster children, Krystal look at herself as elder sister and guardian, resolved to prove to others that Nichole is honest of the damaging house fire that leaves Nichole’s better half seriously harmed.

The Secrets Of Us By Lucinda Berry | A Good Novel With Some Real Plot Twists
The Secrets Of Us By Lucinda Berry | A Good Novel With Some Real Plot Twists

Mixed in with this, readers are bought back to the girls’ past and growing on a farm with their foster parents. Told from Nichole’s point of view, I loved this switch between characters. Contrasted with the present day, this past narrative is the place where we really realize what Nichole is like. It makes the story more advanced, and I felt like I knew the two characters more closely. It is in this past timetable that makes clear what Nichole and Krystal are worried about with their past. As Nichole’s insecurity in present day doesn’t seem to be dissipating, the tension expands in the secondary storyline, letting readers know why the two ladies act as they do.

I liked the exploration of mental stability and the effect of strong events on them. I was unable to anticipate how the novel would advance, and I was delighted in the unpredictable astonishments that Berry incorporates – even down to the last couple of pages. Even the supporting characters are amazingly rich, despite the fact that I would have liked to see a bit more of Nichole’s in law. This is particularly on the grounds that a fair amount of attention is drawn to the fact that Aidan’s family are very rich and influential.

The secrets of us by Lucinda Berry is an explosive story that had me gripped very early on. This was my first novel from Berry and certainly not my last. As exciting as the actual cover, this should charm fans of psychological thriller and suspense. The two ladies stood out for me all along, and I was keen to know how such a horrible event as a house fire has caused incarceration and further suspicions.

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