The Rock By LJ Ross is 18th novel in A DCI Ryan Mystery series. I love this series so much, and I love Ross’ characterizations, particularly as you move through the series. British police procedural mystery is what I like most. However, this book isn’t as complex as far as the storyline of past books, it is still fulfilling to read. The topic is managed well, and you get the inward feelings of the characters, Whether they be victims, crazy murderer or simply a kid figuring out how to be a man without having any role models to look to. Obviously not every person is a hero here and the bad guys are absolutely heartless when it comes to treacheries and their bottom lines.

The Rock By LJ Ross | 18th novel in A DCI Ryan Mystery series
The Rock By LJ Ross | 18th novel in A DCI Ryan Mystery series

As usual, Ryan and the group find themselves caught up in a complex and frequently upsetting case which will push every one of them in a variety of ways. The incredible story line and the primary characters are truly brought to life with team spirit and humour. Although the subject is unfortunately based on the sordid and evil practice of human trafficking, the book has some light humours and you are left with a feeling that good has won over evil. I love the manner by which the LJ Ross has moved toward this subject, with a ton of compassion.

She has represented a genuine feeling of what the survivors of this sort of crime go through and the absence of morality of the individuals who participate in such crime. Nothing is told for superfluously needless impact. This is a cozy crime series for sure, however in this novel it has additionally developed somewhat of an edge. It is an emotive theme, investigating a portion of the most noticeably awful characteristics of human instinct, many of which have occurred for quite a long time, society just gave it an alternate name.

As much The Rock by LJ Ross is a crime thriller, the book is loaded up with the typical mix of humour and extraordinary characters who make it a brilliant series to peruse. There are some classic scenes between the men of the gathering, ones which made me burst in laughter when I read them. However, it’s not all just about the blokes. There are some good family moments. To counter the pleasant side, we have some truly heinous antagonists and different characters who show how significant the strength of the human soul can be.

The Rock By LJ Ross (18th novel in A DCI Ryan Mystery) is emotional, funny, Tense, gritty, romantic and all the shades in between. Definitely recommended.

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