The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner was my first book by this writer, however this will not be my last. I’m looking forward to reading his other works. This story was amazingly engrossing, and I actually read it in one night. I discovered it to be a sensational domestic drama, with realistic characters. It’s additionally heartbreaking as there are some very tough situations in this book.

I continued speculating the whodunit aspect, however failed to got it. I was upset for practically everybody toward the end, as the writer wrote everything so realistically. Furthermore, I really need a sequel to know how everybody is doing. I’m a big crime fiction fan. Although It begins a little slow like a family drama. First presenting the characters, including a few unlikeable and disreputable individuals. Simultaneously, there’s information about illicit affairs & messy divorces, a plot to sell stolen art, unhappy exes, a true love marriage, and a sullen stepchild.

To additionally complicate the storyline, there’s a stereotypical yet distressing medical diagnosis. The eye-popping cost of treatment, and so on. There are forty or more characters. Few of them I focused on are friends, Family, lawyers and Police. However, I do noted art dealers, teachers, lovers, and so on. There were lessons to be learned from The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner. Nothing is perfect, particularly a marriage, and there are always consequences for our actions. I felt pitiful at the outcome of events here, however felt they were realistic. I particularly valued the precision of the lawful methods and the interplay between the lawyers and the authorities.

The murder mystery finally gets moving at about 40% of the book, NYPD detectives, and forensics at the crime scene. The police procedural is joined with the ongoing family show, yet there are excellent red herrings, uncooperative witnesses, different grades of lawyers, and talented crime detectives. I enjoyed the twisty mysteries, however the family drama kind of storyline was frequently melodramatic and invited fast skimming. The criminal is well hidden among the distractions, and I nearly missed a significant clue and its implications. The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner is a recommended read to people who like murder mystery like me.

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