The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics: The DC Comics superhero Aquaman was created by Paul Norris and Mortimer Mort Weisinger. Since then, Aquaman has appeared in hundreds of titles throughout the history of comic books, first as a supporting character and later in his own solo adventures as well as a key member of some of the greatest DC superhero teams. Aquaman made his debut in November 1941 as one of the stories in More Fun Comics. It’s interesting that this wasn’t even a part of the character’s genesis for a guy that has grown to be known for being the King of Atlantis. The fact that Aquaman can talk to marine life was also established at this point.

Golden Age Origin

More Fun Comics from November 1941 contained Aquaman’s first appearance. Aquaman claimed his father as a well-known underwater explorer who found the long-lost country of Atlantis while describing his own origin story. Aquaman’s father investigated the Atlantean culture’s secrets and technologies after building a “water-tight dwelling in one of the palaces”. He developed his son into a “human being that lives and thrives under the ocean” using this knowledge. It’s interesting that this wasn’t even a part of the character’s genesis for a guy that has grown to be known for being the King of Atlantis.

The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics
The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics

The fact that Aquaman can talk to marine life was also established at this point. Surprisingly, this wasn’t telepathy; instead, it was a strange fish language. Aquaman battled Nazi U-Boat captains and other Axis foes in his early years. After World War II, Aquaman fought mostly naval foes. Even further, the comics pitted Aquaman against absurd characters like his former foe Black Jack. Through the remainder of the 1940s and into the 1950s, Adventure Comics published more Aquaman adventures. Additional changes to the character’s backstory included the introduction of Topo, a highly odd underwater octopus companion. But the backstory that we now know finally started to take shape in the last year of the decade.

Silver Age Origin

Aquaman first appeared in a genuine Silver Age form in Adventure Comics from 1959. The origin of Aquaman was completely redesigned in this issue, and as a result, it ended up being the most well-liked version. The narrative establishes Arthur Curry as the progeny of Atlanna, a princess of Atlantis who was exiled from her homeland because of her fascination with Earth. Atlanna was discovered and saved by Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, one night during the storm of the century. The two fell in love and grew close right away, which resulted in the birth of their son, Arthur. When Atlanna gave birth to Arthur, the mystery surrounding Atlanna’s origins started to come to light. Arthur unintentionally fell off a boat when he was just 10 months old, yet he unexpectedly learned to swim. As if that weren’t terrifying enough for the parents, two-year-old Arthur was hit in the water and initially believed to have perished. They were shocked to discover that Arthur could breathe underwater, which eventually allowed him to engage with marine life.

Modern Age Origin

Massive revisions that attempted to reframe practically all we knew about Aquaman occurred during the Modern Age. Due in large part to his portrayal in the television series Super Friends, Aquaman and his abilities had pretty much lost all meaning by the 1980s. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, a number of miniseries tried to elaborate on and retell Aquaman’s origin story. Arthur Curry evolved into a much more sombre, moody character than ever before, both in text and look. Additionally, this is where things start to become complicated. The Legend of Aquaman Special (also known as Aquaman Special from 1989 completely changed the character’s history.

The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics
The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics

This time, he was born with the name Orin and was the Atlantean king’s future heir. Even though it was initially believed that King Trevis was his father, we discover that Atlan, a legendary Atlantean wizard, really impregnated Queen Atlanna in a dream, which isn’t at all strange. In this almost turn of events, superstitious Trevis banished Orin from Atlantis and left him to perish on a location known as Mercy Reef. Ironically, it was only after dolphins had nurtured young Orin as one of their own that a lighthouse keeper by the name of Arthur Curry discovered the feral youngster. It is not at all unclear to readers that Arthur eventually vanished, but not before leaving Orin his name.

The New 52 & Rebirth

Author Geoff Johns used the post-Flashpoint timeline in the New 52 reboot to make more substantial modifications to Aquaman’s origin. The re-launch restored Arthur Curry’s status as the half-human, half-Atlantean son of Tom Curry and Atlanna, as well as solidifying his Silver Age origins. The situation was reversed, though, when Atlanna rescued Tom from the disastrous storm. When Atlanna found out she was expecting, she went back to Atlantis to give up her royal responsibilities so she could raise her baby on the surface. Before Arthur was born, she was imprisoned and just barely managed to escape. She made the decision to leave Arthur with his father since she knew that the Atlanteans would never stop seeking for her. She was compelled to wed the captain of the Atlantean guard when she returned to Atlantis, who had been chosen by the populace. Orm, reclaimed his title as Ocean Master.

Powers & Abilities

For many years, non-comic readers thought Arthur Curry’s talents and prowess were insufficient and even ludicrous. As a result, Aquaman came to be viewed as a loser and a joke. As previously mentioned, by depicting Aquaman as one of the organization’s most potent heroes, DC has ultimately reversed that perspective. The most prominent attribute of Aquaman is his capacity for telepathic interaction with marine life. Although it can’t be denied, his innate ability to swim quickly and beneath water is the basis of his genuine power. When Aquaman rises to the surface, his improved physiology makes him even more potent because his body is able to resist the intense pressures of the ocean.

The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics
The Origin Story Of Aquaman From Comics

Final Thoughts

The history of Aquaman is extensive and quite complicated. He wants to defend both his nation and the surface from the Golden age to the DC Rebirth. He is intensely conflicted and connected to both sides. Aquaman was abandoned as a youngster and did not have to spend a life as an outcast or a prisoner, so the fact that he is both human and an Atlantean is not a negative in the eyes of either side. In the Atlantean jail, he discovered how to stand up for himself and found the affection of a family he could never had.

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