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The Insiders By Tijan

The Insiders: By Tijan Is Full of Suspense, Mystery, And All Kind of Feels

The Insiders by Tijan is a whirlwind of a novel. This novel was full of suspense, mystery, and all kind of feels. However, the emphasis is on suspense, Tijan knows how to keep you guessing and wanting for more. The story starts off with Bailey being kidnapped right from her room. Through Bailey, we go through the ups and down of a young girl who is uprooted from a typical life. Yes, she has a photographic memory, but she was only an ordinary young girl. One night she came to know that she has a billionaire father and family, her life is in danger, and the rich life is nothing similar as TMZ portrays it.

The Insiders By Tijan
The Insiders By Tijan

There is a lot of happening inside this first novel of three book series by Tijan. However, it’s likewise a more slow paced novel, probably because of the three book overall span. There is romance, mystery, and drama all contained inside this novel, and I’m truly eager to see where the storyline is going.

After Bailey is kidnapped which at that point powers a heap of events to unfold in her life. Ones she’s dreamed about since she was a young girl; meeting her dad (whom she thought was a totally unique man and deceased), her half siblings (ones she didn’t know she was identified with, however because of their popularity she really knew existed), and afterward eventually her stepmother (who is remarkably cold to her for a large number of reasons).

The only man she discovers odd comfort in is Kash who is mysterious through the greater part of the novel in his defensive, broody, and over the top ways. Bailey can’t put why she wants to go to him, even when he’s so mysterious. Bailey is surrounded by these new relatives, guards, and staff, yet Kash is the person who continually comes to her rescue on numerous occasions. So if nothing else he does appear to care. However, yet there is underlying wonder whether he’s truly doing it for her own welfare, could there be another reason?

There are a ton of secrets surrounding Bailey’s childhood, her memory and sharpness, and the man she’s falling in love with. We just start to reveal a bit of what’s going on at the Francis estate in this first novel. Overall, I enjoyed The Insiders by Tijan, but not as much as I was hoping to.

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