The Hive By Gregg Olsen is a bit of a thriller and a whole lot of mystery. It is a compelling story and is filled with great characters. Dropping evidence established on interviews and inspections was very well done. It is because the reader can follow the leads to reach similar conclusions. The author didn’t put enough importance on grief and loss, double-crossing and cult like memberships. It’s a murder mystery and that too without violence, which makes it readable to a larger audience.

The Hive By Gregg Olsen Is A Bit of A Thriller And A Whole Lot of Mystery
The Hive By Gregg Olsen Is A Bit of A Thriller And A Whole Lot of Mystery

Detective Lindsay Jackman is trying to find the mystery behind the murder of a college student, Sarah Baker. While doing that, she is additionally trying to find out why her partner and father figure Detective Alan Sharpe committed suicide. Lindsay soon finds that Sarah was a journalist who was talking with people and diving in history. The history of Marnie Spellman and the close knit group of ladies related with her twenty years prior who were known as The Hive.

Spellman runs her cosmetic empire and is an appealing way of life and wellness guru on her Lummi Island farm. On this farm she has bee hives and grows lavender. Women have crowded Marnie for years after hearing her message and reading her book. However, as Lindsay’s examination proceeds, it became clear that there was an ominous side and covered up secrets in the Spellman empire. As Sarah found, it is connected to the killing of Calista Sullivan twenty years prior.

The story follows Lindsay’s present investigation, as she questions hive people and others related with or had relatives in the cult. There are various flashbacks displaying what occurred in the past to every individual. Obviously everybody is trying to hide something and nobody is telling the total truth to Lindsay. The story move slowly as individuals are interviewed by Lindsay and afterward we learn they are hiding secrets or withholding information.

An unbelievable mix of crime fiction and a psychological thriller, The Hive by Gregg Olsen delivers deep characterization and a lot of twists to keep you speculating. Every one of the characters in the novel are as compelling as they are suspicious. Despite the fact that there are many of them, keeping track isn’t troublesome. You get a strong impression of each through Lindsay’s investigation and also through continuous flashbacks to the time of the first murder.

I highly recommend The Hive by Gregg Olsen to my fellow readers, especially True-Crime fans.

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