The Four Winds is the first book that I have read by the author Kristin Hannah despite the fact that I have heard over and over how incredible many of her past works are. Indeed, they are all true, I am so impressed by her writing style. Captive storytelling, and drawing in characters that the reader really becomes more acquainted with and love. At time, I felt like I was living Elsa’s life, feeling her despair, misery, and strength. I had never thought about the daily lives of the striving farmers and laborers during the Great Depression, so this book was educational and instructive. It gave me a deep appreciation for the courage they showed in the battle for their lives and occupations.

A Mother’s affection is furious and solid and knows no limits. Elsa, the girl who couldn’t be loved by her family due to her weak heart and awkwardness. She grows up and shows the world her courage and strength. After being forced from her family for committing an error, she finds out about love and family from her spouses parents. However, when the drought hits and life gets hard, her better half needs more and leaves looking for it.

Elsa once again needs to pick the pieces and secure her family. Year after year things deteriorate until she needs to settle on a decision. Her child’s life or the land that she has grown to love? It is not even a question to think about. She gets together everything and heads west alongside the remainder of the family looking for a superior life. During this journey she finds herself. Her courage and her strength. A reason that she never realized she had. She teaches her children to be strong and she discovers love along the way.

The Four Winds was so gut wrenching. Totally beautiful which I never wanted to end. I love finding out about the dust bowl and the impact that it had on society in those days. I loved that just because the grass was greener did not imply that life was better. The characters were written by Kristin Hannah with such a depth that you could see them standing before you. From the very first page to the absolute last, The Four Winds is a story that is loaded with heartache and suffering. The writer astonishingly moves readers to the hopeless days of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, and there is little relief for the reader and none for the characters. The difficulty is just inexorable. This book caused me to understand the degree of what a human can bear and especially the lengths a mother will go for her kids.

As much this is a story of pain and misfortune. It is likewise a story of the diligence and dogged determination of the human soul in the face of the most exceedingly awful conditions possible. It is a story of the love, courage, perseverance and grit of a mother who will do every possible thing to save her family. The Four Winds is a great story, and I recommend it with five stars. Don’t miss it!

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