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The Dead Season (A Shana Merchant Novel)

The Dead Season : By – Tessa Wegert (Novel Review and Podcast)

By – Tessa Wegert

The Dead Season by Tessa Wegert is the second novel in her series. I read the first novel in this series, and liked it without question; particularly the courageous woman, Shana Merchant. The Dead Season is another mystery thriller with main emphasis on Shana, as she gets involved in a case that is completely fixated on her family. Shana suffer with Post-traumatic stress disorder (she had been kidnapped two years back, yet got away after 8 days, seeing three innocent deaths), which made her move a calmer modest community Thousand Islands in upstate N.Y. She is at present on suspension to pass through a psych test to have the option to return of work.

Shana is called by her family to get back home, since the body of her uncle, missing for twenty or more years, has been found, and proof demonstrates it was murder. She starts her own examination to discover reality with regards to her uncle’s vanishing, meeting with her relatives (cousins, aunties, companions).

At the point when her partner Tim, requires some assistance with a missing little youngster, Shana rapidly returns and finds a stunning disclosure. Appears to be her previous kidnapper has dropped hints for Shana, which includes the missing kid, as well as her receiving a test to discover the killer of the Uncle, or the kid may die. Shana has a mystery, which she has told nobody. Her kidnapper, Bram, is somebody she played piece of information like games, however when she got older, she quit playing them and now her kidnapper is baiting her. Since Tim and her chief, Mac are profoundly engaged with this case, with their very own lives getting excessively close to home, Shana should uncover reality with regards to who her kidnapper was.

What follows is an intense story line with our protagonist attempting to address two unique cases, however mostly integrated. Shana is a magnificent, solid, shrewd investigator, who utilizes her skill to discover the mystery of the past; also prevent Bram from killing the kid. To tell more would be spoilers.

The Dead Season is very well written by Tessa Wegert, If you appreciate an old design mystery thriller, look no were else and grab The Dead Season.

Podcast ( The Dead Season : By – Tessa Wegert )

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