The Dead And The Dark by Courtney Gould is super riveting and mysterious. After reading the description, It caught my interest. Also the cover got me, but it’s the story with interesting characters that kept me turning the pages. There was something so convincing to me about the premise of the story, and due to that I was unable to keep away. I wanted to explore. I gave up to the prospect of being terrorized by what may be hidden in the dark, jumped in to find whatever horrors awaited inside, and I’m so happy I did.

The Dead And The Dark By Courtney Gould | Super Riveting And Mysterious
The Dead And The Dark By Courtney Gould | Super Riveting And Mysterious

The story revolves around Logan, the daughter of two famous paranormal investigators. Her dads are very different in nature. One is gregarious and active and the other is calmer and more withdrawn. Recently, they have arrived at a rural town known as Snakebite. The residents don’t seem welcoming. In fact, they seem as if they want the recently arrived strangers to leave. But then you keep thinking about whether they are truly strangers?

Sadly, odd and terrible things have been going on in Snakebite. A local boy, Tristan has disappeared and the small town is very worried. The way that these events appear to correspond with the appearance of Logan’s family doesn’t make them mix in any better. Naturally, it’s already hard for two gay men and their daughter to find a small town like Snakebite to be a solid match. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the town is blatantly hostile. There are offensive words spray painted on their door, dubious looks by residents and general unrest.

Logan is struggling with her place in the world. She has spent the majority of her time with her dads. That is moving from one town to another while they scout new areas for recording their ghost hunting show. She truly feels a connected with one of her fathers and suspects the other one doesn’t actually need her around. Amidst all this, she is driven away from their home in LA to move to a backward town like Snakebite for brief time.

Logan meets few of the local teenagers; but, generally, they shun her. All except Ashley. She is the daughter of the most influential lady in Snakebite and she’s additionally the missing kid, Tristan’s girlfriend. After some time, Logan and Ashley wind up attracted to each other. Unfortunately, I need to say this is the one piece of the story that didn’t appear to connect with me.

Overall! There are multiple storylines woven together in The Dead And The Dark by Courtney Gould which really kept me immersed. I found the story of this book to be original and engaging. Throughout the book, you are attempting to sort out who is kidnapping the young people? Read this novel if you are looking for a new author to follow.

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