The Chase by Lisa Harris is an action-packed novel. It is the second instalment in the US Marshals series, this kept me glued to my seat and took me for a ride. While the story in this book could be read as a stand alone. I would recommend you to read the first novel before reading this one. That is because to get the character depth and relationships, as those are better defined in first one.

The Chase By Lisa Harris Is An Action-Packed Novel (US Marshals series)
The Chase By Lisa Harris Is An Action-Packed Novel (US Marshals series)

Madison and Jonas are back again in this novel. This time There has been a series of bank robbery and Madison and Jonas have been given with the identity of somebody that may have been included. What results is a chase with time and the perpetrators to get them before more individuals are hurt, or they move away and are not brought to justice for their crimes.

The chase is thrilling, however their personal lives are equally grasping. I was almost certainly that the US Marshal would win eventually. However, their personal lives isn’t as certain a thing, as far as a happily-ever-after in this world. Their personal determination is splendid, however their dependence on God is significantly more so.

I liked the fast speed of this book, taking me through Seattle and over to the San Juan Islands. I didn’t know what to expect next and appreciated how the secret unfurled. Furthermore, I was very shocked by a couple of twists with the robbers, and this writer knows how to keep you tense. Make you think about what might actually occur next.

There is a touch of romance among Madison and Jonas, or possibly the chance of trying a relationship to check whether anything may happen to it. Harris has made two primary characters that almost jump off the pages and who fit their roles so well that it’s like watching an excellent crime drama. This is a series that I will be following and watching the connection among Madison and Jonas grow and what case could come their direction next. It’s an even way better compared to a television show. Truly, The Chase by Lisa Harris is for the keeper shelf and to get read once more.

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