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The Bullet that Missed | Book Review and Podcast

The Bullet that Missed | Book Review and Podcast

The Bullet that Missed | Book Review and Podcast

The writer of The Man Who Died Twice Richard Osman is an English novelist, director, TV presenter, and producer. Osman is back with his third Thursday Murder Club book – The Bullet that Missed. Published on September 15th, 2022, the book already has over 2,000 reviews and 23,906 ratings on Goodreads. Each book in the Thursday Murder Club series keeps on topping the previous one. The mystery and thriller just get more and more interesting. So, let’s ahead with the book review of The Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman.

The Club is back together, they all live in an upscale retirement complex in Cooper’s Chase. Elizabeth is a former M15 operative. Ibrahim is a retired psychiatrist and has a great curiosity for body language. Joyce loves solving puzzles, is a former nurse, and has several skills. Ron is a retired union leader and is popular for getting things done.

The Bullet that Missed | Book Review and Podcast
The Bullet that Missed | Book Review and Podcast

The gang is trying to resolve a cold case that happened 10 years ago. Bethany Waite was a journalist. She was said to have committed suicide by driving her vehicle off a cliff. However, Bethany’s body was missing. She had been a co-anchor with a local TV celebrity Mike Waghorn. Mike joins the gang and becomes a key player to solve this case.

However, this time solving the case would not be easy as Elizabeth is receiving threats. This unknown anonymous has asked her to kill a former KGB colonel who she is already familiar with. She had connections with the colonel during her M15 agent days. And, not abiding by the order will have a huge consequence. Elizabeth might lose one of her closest friends.

This book will get you hooked with its fascinating sequence of events engaging a multitude of old and new suspects. Even though thriller, this book is not entirely serious. Elizabeth gets time to spend time with her old acquaintance the colonel. Ibrahim gets the opportunity to brainstorm with his best companion for this task. Joyce gets to flirt and Ron spreads his wings whether or not suppose to do so. The popular side character of the series Donna, Bogdan, Alan, Chris, and the dog are also back with their doubts regarding life. They add the element of quirk and fun to the story.

And, I can’t stop gushing about the excellence of Richard Osman. He does not only concentrate on the mystery and thriller aspects of the story. However, he pays attention to the character development as the series moves forward. Readers don’t just follow the characters for their purpose to solve the mystery and Richard Osman made sure that the readers get a taste of each of their lives. Though, not a mystery fan but I love to invest some extra time in mapping out the character development of characters. Elizabeth is an astonishing character and the readers get to know more about her past. The story also presents the tender love she feels for her husband Stephen and her concern for her friends. Similarly, as the series progresses the readers are getting more and more perspective of the characters making it easier and exciting for the readers to follow through.

If the review has managed to draw your interest, make sure to read from the beginning. Start your journey with The Thursday Murder Club to understand the connection between the characters. If you are an Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or just a mystery fan in general, on top of that you love contemporary fiction too, this series is for you. The Bullet that Missed could be a great winter read for you. Happy reading!

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Book Review Podcast (The Bullet that Missed)

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