The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake is thrilling and intriguing with awesome world building and very well created 3 dimensional characters. I love the amazing way magic and science merged so flawlessly. I liked all the characters and the manner in which they interacted with each other. Each character is unique and strong in their own specific manner. However, there is a bit of romance but it’s not a plot point. So in-case you are searching for a romantic story, this book is not for you.

The Atlas Six By Olivie Blake is Thrilling and Intriguing
The Atlas Six By Olivie Blake is Thrilling and Intriguing

The Atlas Six revolves around a secret society that initiates five new individuals every 10 years or something like that. Six applicants with the most extraordinary powers are decided to compete for a spot, like a fellowship, with an exciting twist. Atlas Blakely has picked Nico, Reina, Libby, Callum, Tristan, and Parisa. Six strong magicians. They are believed to work together, yet they are likewise in rivalry. When the year ends, just 5 will be inducted into the secret society. The issue of the sixth individual in the class turns into an ethical question.

The strongest thing about the book is its characters. But, that is likewise it’s shortcoming. We get seven person point of views and invest a lot of time in many of their heads. I enjoyed the interactions and connections that shaped between the characters. Seeing them from the distance of memory, a lot of contemplation was frustrating for me. I would have liked the multiple person sturdies the relaxed pace of getting to know the characters. I still like character focused books, but I really want more plot center than I used to in order to keep my attention on a book.

Overall! The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake is fast-paced, imaginative, and suspenseful. I was stunned by the unexpected twists and the feeling the book caused me to feel. Blake’s character development is really good, and she gives every individual such depth that each appears to be totally genuine.

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