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The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns

The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns

In the ever-evolving world of comic books, character redesigns are a crucial part of keeping superheroes fresh and relevant. The Marvel Universe, in particular, has experienced countless transformations, as artists and writers reimagine classic heroes to better resonate with contemporary audiences. Some of these changes have been met with overwhelming praise, leaving an indelible mark on the characters’ legacies. In this article, we’ll dive into the 10 most successful marvel superhero redesigns, exploring the history, context, and impact of these iconic costume changes. From striking new color schemes to complete visual overhauls, these redesigns have not only redefined their respective characters but have also captivated the imaginations of fans worldwide.

Spider-Man’s black costume

The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns - Spider-Man's black costume
The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns – Spider-Man’s black costume

Spider-Man’s black costume made its debut in “The Amazing Spider-Man #252” (1984) and quickly gained a dedicated fan following. This stark departure from the traditional red and blue suit featured a sleek, black design that was later revealed to be an alien symbiote. First donned by Peter Parker during the Secret Wars storyline after his original suit was damaged, the black suit eventually spawned the beloved character, Venom, when it bonded with Eddie Brock. The iconic black suit design has been revisited by Parker in a non-symbiote form over the years, showcasing the lasting impact of this remarkable costume change.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

After losing her friend and mentor, the Kree Captain Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers struggled to find her own identity as a hero. But when Captain America encouraged her to take up the mantle of Captain Marvel, she donned a new costume designed by Jamie McKelvie. The armored suit referenced Mar-Vell’s original look, and could even form a Kree helmet when Danvers needed to travel into space. Since taking on the role, Danvers’ costume has undergone only slight modifications, becoming an iconic symbol of her transformation and renewed sense of purpose as a superhero.

Iron Man – Red And Gold

The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns - Iron Man - Red And Gold
The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns – Iron Man – Red And Gold

Iron Man has risen to the top tier of popularity in the Marvel Universe, largely due to his recent prominent roles in graphic novels such as Civil War and Robert Downey Junior’s defining portrayal of Tony Stark on the big screen. Iron Man’s design has evolved significantly over the years, with the introduction of nanotechnology in Avengers: Infinity War being a recent example. However, the most significant and iconic redesign was the transition from the original cast-iron suit to the eye-catching red and gold armor we recognize today. This bold choice in color palette helped solidify Iron Man’s place in the Marvel Universe, even though his original suit was clunky, ill-fitting, and made from disparate parts.



The redesign of Wolverine’s costume by artist Frank Miller in 1980 was a significant departure from the character’s classic yellow and blue costume. Miller’s new design featured a more muted color palette of brown and tan, with a more practical and tactical look that suited the character’s rough and gritty personality.

The new costume also featured a more streamlined design that was more in line with Wolverine’s physical abilities. The costume consisted of a sleeveless shirt, a pair of boots, and a pair of gloves, all made from a durable leather material. The costume also featured a set of retractable claws on each hand, which were a signature element of the character.

Deadpool – X-Force

Deadpool - X-Force
Deadpool – X-Force

It’s important to acknowledge that Deadpool’s classic red costume with black trim is a brilliant design, but the one-off costume created for the X-Force storyline was so fitting and successful that it deserves recognition. In this redesign, Deadpool’s iconic red was swapped for a grey color, making him stand out even more. The change in color was thematically appropriate, given Deadpool’s tendency to see things in black and white. The success of this redesign is due to the fact that the original costume was so great that any minor alterations would have felt unnecessary. By making a drastic change, the new costume stands on its own while still being recognizable as Deadpool.

Hawkeye – Ultimate

The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns - Hawkeye - Ultimate
The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns – Hawkeye – Ultimate

In the Avengers films, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye costume draws significant inspiration from the Ultimate storyline outfit, arguably one of the best costume decisions in the MCU. While some fans appreciate Scarlet Witch’s red crown, others are disappointed by the absence of her classic look. Nevertheless, few miss Hawkeye’s old purple attire.

The archaic bow and arrow concept is updated in contemporary Hawkeye arcs, with the Ultimate costume complementing these modern themes. The black vest, crew cut, and red glasses give him a secret agent appearance, while the classic purple outfit seems like generic fancy dress. Though Hawkeye may not be as prominent as other comic book heroes, his Ultimate outfit lends him a fitting presence.

Daredevil – Wally Wood’s Red Redesign

Daredevil - Wally Wood’s Red Redesign
Daredevil – Wally Wood’s Red Redesign

Surprisingly, Daredevil, the “Man Without Fear,” initially donned a bright yellow costume, reflecting the era’s goofy style. In 1964, Wally Wood revamped the character, setting the stage for Daredevil’s evolution. The transition to an all-red outfit eliminated the acrobatic, whimsical feel, transforming Daredevil into a more ominous, powerful figure. This change proved essential to the character’s success.

Daredevil’s red costume debuted in issue #7, featuring a battle with Namor, and its popularity solidified the new look. While Frank Miller’s 1980s work truly skyrocketed Daredevil’s fame, Wood’s color overhaul remains a significant milestone.

Drax The Destroyer – Annihilation

Drax The Destroyer - Annihilation
Drax The Destroyer – Annihilation

Drax’s costume transformation in Annihilation was a significant shift, greatly impacting his character’s overall aura. The redesign eliminated the cape and old body, making everyone realize its oddity. While capes suit some heroes like Superman, Batman, and Thor, Drax was not one of them.

Intended to convey a battle-hardened warrior image, the cape felt outdated and out of character by Annihilation. This made Drax, a then B-list hero, seem like a Martian Manhunter copycat. Removing the cape enhanced his imposing presence and allowed him to establish a unique identity as the Guardians’ popularity skyrocketed, proving beneficial in the end.

Jean Grey – X-Men

The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns - Jean Grey - X-Men
The 10 Most Successful Marvel Superhero Redesigns – Jean Grey – X-Men

Jean Grey’s various costumes throughout the years have been iconic, with the Dark Phoenix outfit being a standout. However, the lesser-known X-Men: Blue attire deserves recognition as well. This ensemble avoids overdesign and instead strikes the perfect balance of style with its black, yellow, and green color scheme. The X on her chest adds a touch of whimsy, while the black base color accentuates the brighter hues. The costume maintains a classic Marvel Girl feel, while the numerous Xs keep her on-brand.

What truly sets this outfit apart are the jacket and hairstyle. The edgy, short fringe and the oversized, high-waisted bomber jacket lend an indie vibe to Jean Grey’s look. Fans hope to see Sophie Turner channel this cool aesthetic in the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie.

The Hulk – Grey to Green

The Hulk - Grey to Green
The Hulk – Grey to Green

Stan Lee initially conceived the Hulk with gray skin, believing it evoked a monstrous, frightening appearance. However, the era’s printing technology struggled to maintain a consistent gray shade in the character’s debut issue. Consequently, Lee opted to change the Hulk’s skin color to green by the second issue. This impromptu decision resulted in the iconic green-skinned Hulk we know today. In 1984, the Gray Hulk was reintroduced as a distinct personality from the green Hulk, with his own storylines as a Las Vegas bouncer named Joe Fixit.

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