Sundial by Catriona Ward is Spooky, strange and stunning. This book is an independent contemporary horror-suspense, set in inland California. The story opens up according to Rob’s POV. Rob is an ordinary housewife with a spouse and two little girls in the suburbs. But, from the start of the story, you can see something is off with this family. For what reason Rob can’t empathize with her daughter Callie? Why are Rob and her better half Irving continuously fighting? What mystery are they hiding?

Sundial By Catriona Ward is Spooky, Strange and Stunning
Sundial By Catriona Ward is Spooky, Strange and Stunning

Rob and her cheating, despicable spouse are giving their all to raise their two young daughters. However, Rob feels that her elder daughter, Callie, is perhaps trying to hurt her younger sister, Annie. As a couple of more dubious occasions happen, Rob turns out to be increasingly concerned, and chooses to isolate the two, by carrying Callie with her out to a desert compound left to her by her dead parents. Once there, however, occasions twisting wild, until….well, I think you’ll simply need to read this to find out!

Very much like in NEEDLESS STREET, SUNDIAL holds the vast majority of its mysteries close until the end, simply not exactly as effectively. I thought I might have a notion of what might occur, but I was just to some extent right. Because of Rob’s own set of experiences, I did not care for her as much as I should have. However, I needed to appreciate her strength in any case. The elements between every one of the characters were continually changing; thusly my affections for them were continually changing too. That’s what I love.

The scenes occurring in the desert at Sundial were so distinctively portrayed, I could nearly feel the dry, hot, days and the cool-then tremendously chilly nights. As far as I might be concerned, Sundial itself was a character for me.

Sundial by Catriona Ward is psychological horror at its finest! The atmosphere was dark with a twisty plot and a closure that I was not expecting. This is the place where I’ll end this since I think going in with as little information as possible will give the reader the best experience!

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