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Spellmaker By Charlie N. Holmberg

Spellmaker: By Charlie N Holmberg Is A Perfect Conclusion To The Action-Packed Spellbreaker Duologue.

Spellmaker by Charlie N Holmberg is a perfect conclusion to the action-packed Spellbreaker duologue. What I adored in particular about this story is the magic and the system that administers it. Few people can cast spells, and they need to have some expertise in one specific area, like physical, spiritual, rational and so on… Other people can break spells by pulling on the strings of the magic and disentangling it.

Administrated by magical beings, Spellmakers and Spellbreakers can be imprisoned. Sometimes even worse, if they don’t follow the set guidelines. The only issue I had was that I required a glossary at the end of the novel, as numerous words are unfamiliar to me, like Opus. An Opus is essential in this universe of magic.

I additionally liked the setting, which is the end of the Victorian time frame England. When appropriate behaviour and respectability created by the class structure was of vital significance. In this story, magical people enrolled with the atheneum (the magical communities regulatory board) were a high class represented by the title Master. What I especially loved, is that people are given that title and treated with an equivalent measure of respect for having it. During a period in history when ladies were viewed as the lesser gender in the society, the magical community showed no distinction.

Elsie Camden is the primary character and my top choice in the story by a long shot. She is an unregistered Spellbreaker who is self learned and thinks she does sides spellbreaking job for some greater good. She is quick, smart, and a winner all that is correct and acceptable in the world. Her life and her character are complicated. However, Elsie stays steadfast and true through all the adversaries.

The tone and speed of spellmaker by Charlie N Holmberg are generally light and quick, with the plot advancing through the many action scenes made by magic. Someone is challenging the very existence of the magical community. Elsie is the only one who can put the pieces to figure out who is behind it and trap the person. If you like reading fictional story set in the Victorian time and love a complex magical world. Then you will totally like this Spellbreaker duologue by Charlie N. Holmberg.

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