By – Rathnakumar Raghunath

Smörgåsbord of Musings   is the second book written by Rathnakumar Raghunath, he has done decent job in portraying thoughts of people going through different phase of life in his words. Weather you are a person going through brake up, divorce or you have too much of burden on your shoulder be it family burden or burden of doing something in life. You will definitely find something or the other connection to your own life.

Some of the contents are just random thoughts, some are bitter truth and some are just satire on bullies and people of certain characters. A few example i can talk about :

  • Vivre – This section is Just a Random Thought of a lover or a devotee
  • lâche moi – Talk about thought of a person going through recent brake up)
  • La Pluie – Is a Satire on people who make excuses
  • Le Poison – Is a Satire on bullies
  • Le Divorce – Talks about thought process of a person going through divorce and its after effects
  • qui êtes-vous – Is a Satire on person of certain character

This book is full of all kinds of thoughts in which you will definitely come across something relatable to your life. yet you will also find many pages that are not for you with which you will never connect to. Many pages with just one line or two. This book can be read in a single sitting and in one hour.

I will recommend it to people who want a book for quick reading and yet want to learn something about oneself. This book may contain something for everybody yet it’s not meant to be read and liked by everybody.

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