Sisters in Arms by Kaia Alderson is an enlightening novel based on true history. It is an incredible WWII-time historical fiction. It puts a focus on the actual existence of a superb group of brave women. They made up the 6888 unit of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. This book has everything, from history to incredible female characters to gripping story, suspense, and action. I love it a lot.

Sisters In Arms By Kaia Alderson | Enlightening Novel Based On True History
Sisters In Arms By Kaia Alderson | Enlightening Novel Based On True History

Sisters in Arms follows Grace and Eliza as they find their way through the US Army as the very first Black female officials. The history is really awesome, and I will be “for sure” reading the proposed reading list Alderson added toward the end. However, this book truly downplays the job they played and revolves more around their relationship with one another, and their own relationship with every other person in their lives. It was definitely enjoyable.

Grace and Eliza they both have frightening encounters yet the two of them meet gentlemen who protect them. Grace meets Jonathan, he was from the War Department. Eliza faints more than once in the arms of Noah, he was the company’s doctor. When the war is at last finished, will they marry these gentlemen or continue in their newly discovered freedoms as independent ladies of the 1940’s? Get a copy of this well-researched, historical novel and see!

I wasn’t astonished by what Grace discovered when she got back after the war. I anticipated that to happen in light of the fact that I read the initial report carefully. For other people, who didn’t or don’t, indeed, a surprise is available for you.

Sisters in Arms by Kaia Alderson is a fast and easy read. All in all, this was a good book about a significant, neglected, part of U.S. history. I would like Alderson to investigate and write extra books about some of the other characters in the book. It will make this and engaging series. I would for sure suggest this book as an educational read for middle schoolers and up. The historical foundation and tremendous writing makes it a pleasurable read.

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