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Shadow Sands: A Kate Marshall Thriller : By - Robert Bryndza

Shadow Sands: A Kate Marshall Thriller : By – Robert Bryndza

"With its delightful detective duo, Bryndza’s refreshing, twisty thriller stays upbeat even in dark moments."

By – Robert Bryndza

Shadow Sands is the 2nd book in the Kate Marshall suspense thriller series. The writer undoubtedly have a great talent and surprised me a lot with Nine Elms, the first novel of this series, so I was extremely anxious to perceive what he had coming up for me with his most recent contribution.

Indeed, once more the Robert Bryndza didn’t disappoint. What a beginning to novel and simply thinking of Kate and her child as they reveal the dead body creeps me out even now. trouble is always close by where Kate is concerned, particularly with a past such as hers. I am truly liked her partnership with Tristan and they have all the markings of an incredible association.

We become acquainted with Kate’s side kick, Tristan, more in this book which I cherished. I need to admit his sister Sarah wound me up with her frame of mind and little mindedness and a couple of times I needed to give her a decent shake. I felt for Tristan as he battles with specific parts of his own life yet everything includes making the principle characters additionally engaging the reader and by the end, I was urgent to peruse more from this pair.

The story revolves around Shadow Sands which was an extraordinary area for a crime novel. Kate being an ex copper, hasn’t lost her capacity to pick when something isn’t right. She likewise can’t leave things alone which makes things considerably more intriguing. It soon become a test of skill and endurance for the pair and need to state I love the amazing way everything closes.

Shadow Sands is a novel that has a great deal riding on it. To follow on from quite an extraordinary book, the weight should truly have been on the writer to make another splendid novel with desires without a doubt being high. Robert Bryndza has more than accomplished that with this book however. It is dim, upsetting yet just as exciting as the past one. I love the amazing way he has kept certain parts of Kate’s past open and I simply know there are more excites and chills awaiting us in future novels in the series. Credit to the writer as he has well and genuinely nailed it.

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