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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight_ A Suspense Magazine Anthology

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight: A Suspense Magazine Anthology : Book Review

"Readers rarely get a gift such as this-a superb collection from the giants of mystery and suspense."

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight is a collection of terrific short stories by a group of writers who each have noteworthy histories for greatness in the class. A portion of the writers I knew about, some are unfamiliar to me. few of them wrote about established characters in existing series. A few stories read like scenes from The Twilight Zone. The authors include Jeffery Deaver, Heather Graham, Rhys Bowen and many more.

Short structure fiction isn’t something I consider generally. It takes a genuine ability to rapidly bring the reader into a story, get you to care without a long development and afterward immediately hit you with a significant turn toward the end. These writers, in this brilliantly imaginative book, manages to aptly tingle the spine each time. Here’s a summery of few story:

  • In 12:01 AM, Alan Jacobson tells the heart-beating story of a FBI profiler attempting to get data from a serial killer minutes before his execution as it seems a copycat or prepared accomplice is proceeding with his work.
  • Cell Phone Intolerant by Kevin O’Brien is about a man who is tired of impolite individuals who are continually on their phones. We would all be able to relate. but Ed takes his indignation too far.
  • All Aboard by Hank Phillippi Ryan was One of my favourites. With shades of Strangers on a Train, this extraordinary story is about a PR leader on a sleeper train who catches from the following room a plot against a lady. At the point when the train stops, Cady embeds herself into the circumstance.
  • Gone Forever by Joseph Badal is a tragic story of a mass murdering. Given the topic, this was my least choice.
  • The creepy in Midnight in the Garden of Death by Heather Graham is about a few youngsters having a sleepover in a graveyard.
  • The Sixth Decoy by Paul Kemprecos  featured  series character Aristotle Socarides. A private investigator takes a case and works for a man of questionable character.
  • Jeffery Deaver is an editor of this book and has additionally included one of its most innovative stories suitably named, A Creative Defense about a very unusual murder.

It also includes a few more stories and each of them are perfectly written. kudos, Mr. Deaver and your twelve different supporters, for an incredible collection of stories that truly get to the heart of the midnight hour.

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