It is not a tough job to learn something new daily, what matters is how open-minded and curious you are about everything that is happening and is present around you. In this article, we are going to read about different ways to develop passion for learning. Learning is essential to survive, exist in this world – if we question the purpose of our existence, the sheer answer is to learn and make a living out of it

Passion Based Learning: Different Ways to Develop Passion for Learning –

Connect to Different Subjects

If you are already passionate about a certain matter or subject, instead of being stagnant about the same topic, try to connect that matter with other things that are correlated to it, and thus, you can learn about more than one topic at a time. As, if you are studying literature, instead of just reading that one single book, you can read about writers, who are not necessarily authors, but psychoanalysts, philosophers, and more and learn more about philosophy and other topics from that one subject. If you are pursuing film studies, and you have recently started taking photography lessons. Your subject is correlated with geometry, learning about geometric formulas will not only permit you to learn about geometry but will also help you to learn more and do better in photography.

Passion Based Learning: Different Ways to Develop Passion for Learning
Passion Based Learning: Different Ways to Develop Passion for Learning

Relate the Knowledge to Your Own Life

You would be more interested in learning something and be more interested and invested in it if you could just connect that learning to your own life. Not all of us are interested in learning mathematics or formulas but if you could find a way through which you can connect the mathematical solutions to your own life, not only you would be able to remember it more but you will be more interested in learning new mathematical problems and formulas.

Make Bonds with Positive People

We are individually an average of every human being we are friends with. When we are in elementary school almost everyone we shake hands with becomes our friend. But, as we grow up, we realize we barely have four-five people that we can talk to and who can understand us – it depends on how mature, ambitious, and focused we are as an individual. It is very important to surround yourself with people who have positive energy, people who are self-aware, and people who can detect when they are in a negative mood or they are doing or behaving like an immature being.

Passion Based Learning: Different Ways to Develop Passion for Learning
Passion Based Learning: Different Ways to Develop Passion for Learning

But, it is more essential to understand the kind of people you should not surround yourself with –

  • The type of people who discourages your ambition or who constantly restricts you from doing something or from following your passion by saying you are too ambitious and more; shut them out immediately. It can be a very close friend but it is okay to stay away from negative energy if you cannot keep up with it and if it is affecting your mental peace.
  • It often happens that you get close to someone and when it is too late you understand that they were in a way gaslighting you, stay away or try not to get too attached as soon as you realize something negative. You cannot develop positive mental health, if your friends refer to you as stupid or nerd for being ambitious or focused, or sensitive and emotional for expressing yourself. Positive mental health is very essential to live a healthy life.
  • People who are ambitious, positive, and who do not give up easily are the ones you should surround yourself with. Even if you lose a job test, they will let you know how natural it is and that you should not give up and look for other jobs. They will encourage you in trying different things and doing better in life. Thus, you will get the positive energy and enthusiasm in learning something new and be passionate about it.

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