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12 study hacks for students

12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying

Study Hacks: Studying does have to feel like a house chore. Several easy methods help to simplify studying. However, indeed, not every process work for everyone but with a little bit of this and that and you can figure out the process that works best for you. In this article, we are going to read about 12 study hacks for students to improve Studying and be efficient.

Restrain Your Focus

It often happens that you are your worst enemy. You can help yourself by blocking yourself from getting distracted. It is one thing to procrastinate and another thing to offer you reasons to procrastinate. There are several applications that can help you from getting digitally distracted.

Chewing Gum

The act of chewing gum functions as a brain booster. And, it does not have severe side effects like caffeine rather chewing your favorite flavor can work as a study aid. Scientists are not precisely sure about why this helps to focus, however, they think it helps us to stay awake and hence keeps us focused.

12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying
12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying

Online Searching

The Internet is a great source if you want to read something out of your syllabus. Several sites can help you explain and make your studying easy. Some of the popular sites are CrashCourse, LitCharts, SparkNotes, Khan Academy, Bozeman Science, and more, just to name a few. A quick search online can help you ease out the topic and make it feel less of a burden.


Add colors and visual prompts to your notes to help you recall the significant details. The notion of this hack stems from mind mapping concepts, which are thought diagrams, this is said to be more effective than learning from text-based notes. You can also go through mind mapping programs, however, pen, paper, and a little bit of creativity works fine.

Food Trail

Since this list contains study hacks, it includes things that some students often forget to do. Eating healthy and nutritious meals is a must. This hack does not need an explanation as your brain cannot function without food. As the popular Virginia Woolf quote avers, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”

12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying
12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying


If you procrastinate a lot then try using distinct memory aids such as note cards, etc. These hacks come in handy to develop your memory. This is highly beneficial if you want to remember the key aspects, data, or facts, regarding a specific topic.

Organize Your Materials

This sounds like it is basic and not beneficial for studying but trust me it is. Firstly, when you are organized you would not have to go through the pain of searching for your notes. Secondly, an organized study space puts you in a productive mood. You would not have to take a lot of books and pile them up on the table. Just the book or topic that you want to go through on the table with a cup of tea or your favorite study snack, now doesn’t it sound like a productive mood?

Study Apps

I am certain you are familiar with the innumerable number of study applications available in the play store, on both iOS and Android. Choose one or two and see which one is helping. It is easy to say they don’t work however if you want to stay focused and be efficient in your studies, they are bound to work. A study application that helped me focus and read more pages than usual is Forest App.

12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying
12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying

Old School Technique

Rewrite your notes by hand. Studies explain that when you take the time to rewrite what you have learned you tend to learn more effectively than when you are taking the help of any device. Another old-school technique that helps is when you try to make someone else teach what you have learned.


Choosing the right kind of music while studying can help you develop your motivation, focus level, and productivity. There are certain genres known as the music of the mind, they are highly recommended for studying. Study time music helps you to work for a longer period.

Study early

No one crams because it is a good idea. People go through the usual cramming session due to poor planning. Try planning out your study session before studying, so that you don’t have to go through the same cycle of cramming study sessions. Moreover, when you don’t follow a routine and pile up your to-read list, other bad habits also tag along; one notable bad habit is your sleep schedule.

12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying
12 Study Hacks for Students to Improve Studying


Your mind needs to rest to think properly. Get plenty of sleep every day and before taking an exam. A good night’s rest helps your brain to think more logically. Sleep affects your cognitive functions and thus your exam-taking capabilities.

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