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online classes are good or bad

Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?

The last year saw unprecedented changes in all areas of life, but especially education. While online education was prevalent in western parts of the world since before the pandemic, it was practically unheard of in India. But today, it’s a ground reality and it’s impossible to expect when it will change. So today we will review and understand online classes are good or bad? As with every difficult question, there isn’t a clear cut answer, there are pros as well as cons.

Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?
Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?


Increases screen time

Perhaps the worst part about online education is the increased amount of screen time. Apart from the physical strain it causes on the eyes and body of the student, it also has mental effects such as more stress. Plus it also causes sleep deprivation and an increased risk of obesity. In addition, there is also the loss of cognitive ability.

Lowers concentration

Sitting in one place for hours, staring at a screen, without any contact or proximity to people is not exactly conducive to great concentration. Especially with distractions such as mobiles, social media, video games and books so close by, it becomes increasingly difficult to pay attention. For children who are allowed to keep their videos off, the anonymity and invisibility adds to the ease of distraction.

Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?
Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?

Monitoring becomes harder

On a zoom or google meet screen, a teacher cannot simultaneously look ag forty, fifty or hundred students. Hence proctoring becomes very difficult. Children who are allowed to switch off their videos may not pay attention, they may simply mute the tab or close it and do other things. And no one will come to know at all.

Cheating is rampant

Due to the aforementioned concerns of invisibility, anonymity and inability to constantly proctor the students, cheating is increased drastically since online classes. In addition, the subject matter is usually tested in the form of MCQs which makes it even easier to cheat. Plus, there is no one to check the desk and pockets for devices that could be misused, and hence cheating in exams is more rampant than ever.

School and college experience is missed out on

Perhaps the biggest drawback of online education is that children miss out on their school and college experience. Hence, even if they become highly academically intelligent, they will lack social experience. Interactions with teachers, peers, seniors, participation in various clubs and events, giving speeches etc are vital to a child’s education. They form a part of his or her personality and shape his or her attitudes, perspectives and more. Extracurricular activities are absent in online education, which is a major drawback.

Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?
Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?


Increases productivity

Studies have shown that online classes have actually had a beneficial impact on children’s academics. This is because the schedule is much more flexible, which allows for more effective time management. Plus the familiarity of the place allows them to tune out distractions such as others talking, bells ringing and friends signalling.

Saves time

The time that students, at least in metropolises and villages, spend in travelling etc gets cut down on an online forum. This is a great benefit because that time can be utilized elsewhere more productively.

Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?
Online Classes Are Good Or Bad?

Kids are in their comfort zone

One of the main benefits that online education offers which enhances learning is that the kids are in their comfort zone. Hence, even the introverts and socially anxious children can work peacefully and productively online. In addition, the comfort of their homes offers children a safe space to learn.

Kids become digitally adept

Since the online forum compels children to use their mobiles and laptops for education purposes, they become more digitally adept, which is the way forward. Discarding traditional notebooks and pencils for word and excel, they get an experience of what their future workplace is probably going to be like.

Allows for self-paced learning

The flexibility that online classes offer allows children to learn at their own pace as opposed to the pace adopted by their teacher in an offline setting. For recorded lectures, one can listen to it at a speed he or she finds comfortable. In addition, these classes work in tandem with the child’s capacity to grasp, which is beneficial for learning.

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