A lot of change has been implemented in our lives due to the pandemic. One such change is “online class”. Everyone from school kids to degree college students is subjected to go through online classes for their education. Although there is no other option to this, but do we really think this is the right way? Or online classes are good only for those who want to learn?

Online Classes Are Good Only For Those Who Wants To Learn
Online Classes Are Good Only For Those Who Want To Learn (Image 1)

With no real interaction between the teacher and student and the interaction being limited to a screen, the quality of education has for sure hampered. The students who need more or special attention are being neglected. With the education restricted to a screen, the student can get easily distracted by social media or any other sites, and the teacher who in an ideal classroom would have easily identified this, is not able to help the student.

The time and pace of an online class is pre decided so the education is kind of forced with less to no involvement of students in the curriculum. This all results in less interest in studying. The students who are willing to learn or are smart will anyhow learn what is being taught but the ones who are not able to, will fall into the trap of distraction.

Instances of students making fun of teachers, creating a nuisance are on the rise which add up to the cons of online classes. Also, it is very difficult to focus on the screen for a very long time and due to this, students with a short attention span can easily get distracted and go for some others means for their entertainment.

Students learn a great deal from their peers and due to the starting of online classes they might feel isolated or lonely. Students who tend to take an example from others might have to face difficulty to gain motivation to study.

Online Classes Are Good Only For Those Who Wants To Learn
Online Classes Are Good Only For Those Who Want To Learn (Image 2)

Body language and eye contact are important aspects of teaching which are difficult to perceive while in an online class. With no rules and discipline, students with no interest in studying will take this as an opportunity and try to disturb the whole class.

With the entire responsibility of teaching the students now falling on parents, students whose parents are working or are not available can get easily distracted as there is no one to look after them. Not much Indian teachers are well versed with the new and emerging technology because of this, students find an opportunity to create nuisance or disturbances.

The learning experience has become passive, students are finding the lectures boring. Just imagine sitting in front of the computer and being taught something that is clearly going over your head. You would obviously be bored, now imagine this from the perspective of a kid who is not a fast learner, or someone is not interested in learning at all. What would these two groups of students do?

Online Classes Are Good Only For Those Who Wants To Learn
Online Classes Are Good Only For Those Who Want To Learn (Image 3)

The slow learners will find some way or other to learn, this might be difficult for them but they will get through with it. The latter group will easily be distracted and try to do something else to get over his boredom. It’s just that its easier to fall on the wrong path nowadays with no one responsible to look after.

Rote learning is a memorization technique by repetition. This technique guarantees no real learning. The sad part is this is what is being implemented due to online classes. Heaps of assignments, online exams which are just meant for cheating for the students have made the education system no less than a joke.

Online education is also not all bad, it has made education accessible even in these difficult times. If not this the entire education system would have come to a halt.  

Online learning is really only for those who want to learn. Others who are not interested can easily have so many other options. Options to entertain themselves or get over their boredom.

Students who are willing to learn will try no matter what the circumstance are but the ones at-risk should be the ones we should be taking care of. We should try to think of new ways to engage with them and increase their interest in studies.

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