One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is well written, with some fun twists and interesting premises. This book was a magnificently refreshing and relatable story of how we all processes the sadness of losing somebody who are extremely, close to us, and it likewise ask the question “what if?” and too very effectively. There is a lot of atmospheric detail to enjoy here, particularly the exotic areas and the tasty food and wine. This was so well written that I could smell the pungent air, taste the wines, and see the splendid scenery.

One Italian Summer By Rebecca Serle is Refreshing and Relatable
One Italian Summer By Rebecca Serle is Refreshing and Relatable

Katy, who is our primary character, is married and grieving at her mom’s funeral. Readers comes to know that she told her better half she needed a divorce that morning since her mom was her first love, and the her death has prompted Katy to reconsider everything. Apparently, even Katy said her better half was brilliant, and he was loved by her parents. While I comprehend Katy’s sadness at her mom’s demise, she was additionally very selfish, rude, and immature by manner in which she treated her better half. When she let him know she’s leaving and putting their marriage on hold, I wanted to put the book down. However, I additionally wanted to figure out how she meets her mom once more.

Quick forward a couple of chapters, Serle’s writing mysteriously brought Italy to life. At the point when she meets her mom in Positano, I was able to see her being a torn young woman. I was still angry the manner in which she treated her better half, however I additionally enjoyed the book. I won’t spoil it for the readers about how she met her mom, however it was a beautiful ‘twist’ and put readers at ease.

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is a cute read but holds a nice message. The story never forces you but unquestionably it makes you think about people in your day to day life and what you may not have known about them. I think Katy was somewhat irritating and self-absorbed from the beginning yet I think she got there eventually. Her mom is charming and lovely and enjoyable to read. The setting of Positano is wonderful to encounter through the pages of this book, it is nearly as lovely as, in real life.

I liked everything about this novel by Rebecca Serle. I liked the honest depictions of dependency, love, obligation, responsibility and trust. Don’t simply blindly trust me however – grab this novel and read it as soon as possible.

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