OF WOMEN AND SALT by Gabriela Garcia is an intense story of immigration, motherhood and heart-wrenching decisions. Five generations story, two separate families and four nations, this timely book weaves together the lives of characters with scenes from the present and past. Starting in the cigar factory of in nineteenth century Cuba and finishing off with present-day detention centres in the US and Mexico. The injury of displacement and the strength of women to survive is explored.

Of Women and Salt By Gabriela Garcia
Of Women and Salt By Gabriela Garcia

It associates the lives of Ana and her mom Gloria, who are living in Miami when they are unexpectedly deported, and Jeanette who is right now battling with drug use and attempting to remain sober. Jeanette’s family is from Cuba and all through the novel details are given over how her mom came to live in Miami and what life had been in Cuba during war time. Writing over various time spans and from different points of view, the reader starts to see the weight placed on the female of these families to hold everything together for their youngsters and how certain decisions have a lasting effect.

Addressing subjects of war, drug addiction, domestic abuse and the latest issue of deportation in the U.S. The “Of women and salt” truly catches the hardships that women should face to tracking down their own ability to be self-aware, but additionally in protecting the ones they love no matter what. This was certainly a troublesome read at certain points, but I likewise think it is a significant one to get a little look into the migrant experience.

I needed somewhat more backstory from the older generations. I also experienced difficulty with the switching between years at certain points, particularly when it was from Jeanette’s point of view. The switch between years and points of view might have been smoother. However, overall I actually liked the story and understood every one of the characters. I highly recommend reading OF WOMEN AND SALT by Gabriela Garcia and trust it will be a powerful read.

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