Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena is a nail-biting psychological thriller. This book presented a wide range of characters. All with various personalities. If you need a condensed soap-opera that is engaging and exceptionally simple to read, where you can simply relax, turn off your deep thinking abilities, and have fun, you’ll like this book; it requires no work with respect to the reader: you will not get distracted with extra-long sentences, lectures, rabbit holes, grammar, or too much details.

Not A Happy Family By Shari Lapena Is A Nail-Biting Psychological Thriller
Not A Happy Family By Shari Lapena Is A Nail-Biting Psychological Thriller

“Brecken Hill in upstate New York is a costly place to live. The person should be rich to have a house there, and Fred and Sheila Merton unquestionably are rich. But, even so much money can’t ensure their protection when a killer comes to call. The Mertons are brutally killed after having an Easter dinner with their three grown-up kids. Who obviously are devastated.”

However, the question is, are they really devastated? They each remain to acquire millions. They were never a cheerful family, because of their dad and careless mother, however maybe one of the siblings was more upset than anybody knew. Did somebody snap after that horrendous evening? Or did someone else show up later that night with the worst of intentions? That should be what occurred. After all, on the off chance that one of the family were capable of something as abhorrent as this, you’d know. Wouldn’t you?”

Secrets, lies, murder, Scheming, greed. Every single person is unlikable and yes – detestable in one or other way, even the spouses of the Merton grown-up children. It is Catherine, Dan and Jenna that are genuinely fantastic. Their conspicuous desire to know the amount they will acquire is raised even before the memorial has been discussed. There are many different players added along with everything else – all with ties to the dead Mertons. It took me a bit of to and fro to understand who was who. But, I liked having so many suspects.

Lapena lays little clues, twists and turns while heading to the last whodunit. It’s basically impossible to predict the last discloser. Yet, I had loads of fun speculating and re-speculating.Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena had a bit of an Agatha Christie feel for me.

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