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None of This is True: By Lisa Jewell

None of This is True: By Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell continues to dominate the British domestic thrillers with her latest offering, “None of This is True.” With an uncanny ability to weave creepy and unexpected twists, Jewell crafts a story that grips the heart and captivates the mind. The novel commences with a chance encounter between two women, both celebrating their forty-fifth birthdays in the same pub. As they chat in the restroom, they discover a shared connection: not only were they born on the same day, but also in the same hospital.

None of This is True: By Lisa Jewell
None of This is True: By Lisa Jewell

Alix is a renowned podcaster who champions women reinventing themselves, living in her dream home with a seemingly perfect family. Josie, on the other hand, is a twice-married mother of two, discontent with her life and her unfulfilled aspirations.

But as Alix’s marriage begins to falter due to her husband’s irresponsible behavior, she finds herself yearning for a diversion from her troubles. Enter Josie, who becomes a relentless presence in Alix’s life, appearing around her children’s school and offering up her tragic life story. Alix, intrigued by this distraction, begins to use Josie’s compelling narrative to engage her audience.

Yet Josie’s intentions become more insidious, as she starts to invade Alix’s life, critiquing her marriage, and even lurking around her home. As Josie reveals increasingly disturbing details during the podcast recording, Alix becomes alarmed. Is Josie truly a victim of years of abuse and suffering? Can Alix play a role in liberating her?

Or, in welcoming Josie into her life, has Alix inadvertently brought danger to her own doorstep? When Josie appears at her home in the dead of night, Alix begins to understand that things are spiraling out of control, and not everything is as it appears.

This novel is a haunting experience that lingers in the mind, causing shivers each time the characters and key events are recalled. “None of This is True” is a breath-taking tale.

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