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Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy

Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy (The Chronicles of Never After, 1) : By – Melissa de la Cruz

By – Melissa de la Cruz

Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy is a totally enchanting middle grade fantasy. Our main character is Filomena Jefferson-Cho, a little girl who is a fanatic of the Never After novel series. These series were planned to be a set of 13 novels and tells the story of adventure in the world of Never After, where fantasies are convoluted and retold. At the point when thirteenth book of series is dropped and said to not exist, Filomena is distressed – this anecdotal world has implied such a huge amount to her, and she knows the books all around.

At the point when she runs into one of the primary characters, Jack Stalker, she can barely trust her eyes. But then, she finds that she can project the spells from the books, and after a series of unfortunate events, winds up in Never After – the world she never suspected could be real. She later discovers that she may have an unforeseen and critical task to carry out in it all.

Blended among Filomena’s story is the story of Caraboose, the thirteenth fairy, in a preface that is partitioned all through the book. Seeing everything meet up was totally exciting.

What I loved: Filomena is a great main character, and she encounters a ton that would be average of the age group experience, for example, feeling like she doesn’t fit in, attempting to discover her place, and sort out what her identity is. Moreover, there is an extraordinary background topic about family and what makes a family – Filomena is adopted and looks like neither of her parents, who likewise don’t resemble one another, yet they actually share so much love and association, which is the true measure of family. This is an important message for young perusers.

There are additionally some fascinating topics about ethical quality, for example, in the event that somebody does something awful for a valid justification, where might that fall on the scale, just as the molding of history by the individual who is doing the telling, where a few occasions may happen diversely in the retelling than the established truths. These topics are woven all through, and I discovered them extremely interesting and profoundly convincing.

Never After has a ton of humour with fantasy creatures in the human world, attempting to discover their way, for example, hunting for a thing called cheeseburgers. This sort of humour was brilliantly all through the book. I would definitely to look at the following novels, and I think this is an extraordinary beginning to a truly fun series.

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