February 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting month for mystery lovers, as several highly anticipated novels are set to be released. These new books, from both established and emerging authors, promise to keep readers on the edge of their seats with intricate plots, compelling characters, and twists and turns that will keep them guessing until the very end. In this article, we will be highlighting most anticipated mystery novels of February 2023, giving you a sneak peek into what you can expect from each book and what makes them so special.

It’s One of Us by J.T. Ellison

Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 - It's One of Us by J.T. Ellison
Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 – It’s One of Us

Olivia Bender is an interior designer who creates breathtaking home designs that leave her clients more than satisfied. However, her life is missing something she desires more than anything – motherhood. Despite numerous attempts with fertility treatments and IVF, Olivia is unable to conceive. When things seem to be at their worst, the police inform Olivia and her husband Park of a shocking discovery – DNA evidence links Park’s son to a murder case.

At first, Olivia is relieved, thinking this must be a mistake as she and Park do not have any children. But the reality is far more complicated when Park confesses that he donated sperm to a clinic years ago and has no idea how many children he has fathered. As the investigation into the murder case continues, more secrets come to the surface and the truth becomes unbearable. Olivia’s husband may have fathered a killer, but she is also hiding her own dark secrets. Will these truths tear their marriage apart or will they find a way to come to terms with them?

I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai

I Have Some Questions for You
I Have Some Questions for You

Bodie Kane, a successful film professor and podcaster, wants to leave her past behind, including a family tragedy in her adolescence, her unhappy years at a New Hampshire boarding school, and the murder of her former roommate Thalia Keith. Although the circumstances surrounding Thalia’s death and the conviction of the school’s athletic trainer, Omar Evans, continue to be discussed online, Bodie prefers not to think about it. However, when she is invited back to Granby School to teach a course, she becomes increasingly drawn to the case and its apparent flaws. As she delves deeper, she wonders if she knew more about the murder than she realized and if the real killer is still out there. In “I Have Some Questions for You,” author Rebecca Makkai has crafted a mystery that is both a gripping page-turner and a thought-provoking exploration of collective memory and one woman’s reckoning with her past.

Last Violent Call by Chloe Gong

Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 - Last Violent Call
Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 –Last Violent Call

Roma and Juliette, the leaders of an underground arms trade in Zhouzhuang, take it upon themselves to investigate a series of murders of Russian girls in nearby towns in “A Foul Thing.” What they uncover leads them to question the truth about the situation being closer to home than they ever suspected. In “This Foul Murder,” Benedikt and Marshall are summoned by Roma to find and retrieve scientist Lourens. While aboard the Trans-Siberian Express, a murder occurs, and Benedikt and Marshall use the opportunity to present themselves as investigators, promising to solve the case. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they find surprising connections to their own mission.

Never Never: A twisty, angsty romance by Colleen Hoover

Never Never: A twisty, angsty romance
Never Never: A twisty, angsty romance

Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash have had a friendship that dates back to their early childhood days and they fell in love with each other since they were 14 years old. However, they now wake up to find that they no longer know each other and their memories of each other, including their first kiss, first fight, and falling in love, have all disappeared. To understand what happened and why, they must work together to uncover the truth. As they piece together the memories of their past relationship, they begin to question if they were ever meant to be together and whether forgetting is more frightening than remembering.

The Secrets of Hartwood Hall by Katie Lumsden

Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 - The Secrets of Hartwood Hall
Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 – The Secrets of Hartwood Hall

In 1852, Margaret Lennox, a young widow, tries to leave behind her troubled past by becoming a governess to Louis, a solitary child, at a remote country house in western England. However, Margaret soon realizes that something is not quite right at the house. Mysterious figures roam the dark, tension lingers between servants, and the east wing lies abandoned. Adding to her unease is the local gossip about Louis’s mother, Mrs. Eversham, who is not well-regarded in the village. Margaret, feeling isolated and uncertain about who to trust, finds solace in an illicit relationship with the gardener, Paul. However, as Margaret’s past threatens to catch up with her, she uncovers the secrets of Hartwood Hall.

Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb

Seven Faceless Saints
Seven Faceless Saints

In Ombrazia, saints and their followers wield cruel power, favoring the fortunate while the less fortunate struggle. After her father was killed by the Ombrazian military, Rossana Lacertosa is determined to bring down the corrupt system by using her powers as a follower of Patience, joining the rebellion, and facing her former lover. Damian Venturi, the youngest captain in Palazzo security, is known for his ruthlessness and strong devotion to the saints. But three years of war have left him with deep scars and fear of confronting his past.

When a murderer starts killing citizens in Ombrazia, the Palazzo turns a blind eye, until a disciple becomes a victim. With no leads, Damian and Rossana must work together to find the killer, unearthing old emotions in the process. As they delve deeper into the dark side of Ombrazia, they uncover a sinister force threatening to destroy everything. With time running out, will they be able to save the city from this evil power?

The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich

Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 - The Recovery Agent
Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 – The Recovery Agent

Gabriela Rose is a recovery agent who specializes in retrieving lost treasures, heirlooms, and assets. She is skilled in weapons and can handle pressure. Gabriela’s latest mission is to save her family home by finding the lost treasure of Lima, the Ring of Solomon. However, her ex-husband Rafer, who possesses a crucial map to the treasure, is also involved. Gabriela and Rafer, despite their differences, form a formidable team to fight against a dangerous drug lord also searching for the ring. The Recovery Agent is a thrilling adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and cheering for Gabriela’s success.

Like a Sister by Kellye Garrett

Like a Sister
Like a Sister

The sudden death of reality TV star Desiree Pierce, who was found on a Bronx playground the morning after her 25th birthday party, is being attributed to an overdose by the police and media. However, Columbia graduate student Lena, who knew Desiree and was close to her, believes there is more to the story and that her half-sister wouldn’t have ventured north of 125th Street. Despite the sisters’ estrangement, Lena is determined to uncover the truth behind Desiree’s death, even if it means exposing her family’s dark secrets and putting herself in danger.

The Sanctuary by Katrine Engberg

Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 - The Sanctuary
Most Anticipated Mystery Novels of February 2023 – The Sanctuary

Jeppe Korner, a police officer on leave due to a broken heart, has sought refuge on the island of Bornholm for the winter. Meanwhile, writer Sigrid de Laurenti is also on the island working on a biography about a female anthropologist with a mysterious past and dealing with her own loneliness following the loss of a close friend. Jeppe gets involved with the local sawmill and starts to realize that the island may not be as peaceful as it seems.

Back in Copenhagen, Anette Werner is tasked with investigating a body found dismembered on a downtown playground. The trail of clues all seem to lead back to Bornholm. Jeppe, with a simple offer to check out a lead, finds himself caught up in a sinister mystery linked to the past.

Hungry Ghosts by Kevin Jared Hosein

Hungry Ghosts
Hungry Ghosts

The 1940s in Trinidad, at the end of American occupation and British colonialism, the Changoor farm sits on a hill overlooking Bell Village. Dalton and Marlee Changoor live a life of luxury while families like the Saroops, who occupy the Barrack below, endure poverty and hard work. When Dalton goes missing and Marlee is in danger, farmhand Hans is offered a stipend to become the farm’s watchman. As the mystery of Dalton’s disappearance unfolds, the lives of the wealthy couple and those in the Barrack become intertwined, changing their community forever.

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